Could the Libertarian Party be the real winner in the 2016 US elections?

Whenever people ask me, if I could vote in the US elections, whom would I vote for, I usually answer:  “Gary Johnson“!

To which they say: “WHO?”

Gary Johnson, you know, the head of the third largest political party in the US, the Libertarian Party, and former governor of New Mexico!

And everybody just sighs, shakes their heads, and dismisses him.

But is that about to change?

In 2012, Gary Johnson received 1% of the vote – which is not that great, but still an improvement.

His biggest enemy is obscurity.

However, with no viable candidates among the two big and corrupt-to-the-marrow political parties, people might just start to look around for another candidate.

And if the Libertarian Party does some good advertising, this poll from Monmouth University suggests he might stand to pick up 11% of the vote!

OK – perhaps a pipe-dream, but one can hope!

Getting over 5% of the vote would be a game changer for the party, because that is when the fed money starts to roll in…  I’m not saying that is a good thing in itself, just that if the other parties are getting the money and that is not about to change…you know what I mean:  it would go some small way towards leveling the playing field.

A new concept, that level playing field!  We should give it a try!





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