John Stossel – America’s Third Option

Interesting ideas.


Your thoughts?


3 Responses to “John Stossel – America’s Third Option”

  1. juggernaut Says:

    Johnson is a strong candidate and Weld is probably the best choice he could have picked, as he adds experience and charisma to the ticket. Johnson sometimes comes across as weak and timid in his answers. He needs a public speaking coach. On the other hand, he’s also the most humble and likeable candidate running. He’s running on a moderate platform but that’s good. He shouldn’t try to abolish public roads or eliminate the minimum wage – it would be a waste of political capital. He’s right in starting with the issues that the public agrees on.

    • xanthippa Says:

      Johnson is also refusing to criticize Killary Hitlary Hillary Clinton.


      Is he really this stupid?

      Is he being blackmailed/afraid of the Clintons?

      Is he pandering to the progressive media?

      Either way, his attitude towards HRC has disqualified him as a viable candidate.

      And I say this with the deepest of regrets.

      Recently, there was a poll that came out, asking Ameicans if they would rather vote for either Hillary or Trump, or have a meteorite of the order of magnitude that wiped out the dinosaurs hit continental USA. 13% picked the meteorite hit as the best option.

      I’m afraid I agree with them!

      • juggernaut Says:

        Unfortunately, at the moment, it seems that Johnson is proving to be a weak vacillating candidate with no real proposals other than legalizing marijuana and cutting taxes. I might stay home.

        Keep in mind that this is the United States. This is the greatest country on Earth precisely because it’s survived so many bad presidents. I’m convinced that any other nation with Bush, Obama, Reagan, et al would have died by now.

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