Munich under attack: not enough info for proper analysis – yet

There was a tragic shooting in Munich today.

It comes on the 5th anniversary of Breivik ‘false flag’ operation:  he shot up an Antifa training camp, pretending to be a right winger – in order to provoke a back-lash against what he perceived as right-wing, anti-Sharia movement.

At this time, there are highly conflicting reports – to say the least.  A Muslim woman says she heard the shooters yell ‘Allahu Ackbar’ (Allah is THE greater God), which would indicate Islamic terrorism, while another person reported that one shooter said ‘Fuck the Foreigners’, leading others to speculate this could have been an attack by Germans, frustrated at the uncontrolled criminality among the migrants, becoming a really bad vigilante.

I do not have sufficient information to perform a proper analysis.

Rather, I would like to leave you with the following video – please, analyze it as best as you can and come to your own conclusions.  If you choose to share them – that much the better:

7 Responses to “Munich under attack: not enough info for proper analysis – yet”

  1. John Baglow Says:

    The Breivik massacre was a false flag operation? You can’t be serious. Are you OK?

    • xanthippa Says:

      Breivik admitted, well after the media lost interest, that he did it in order to frame right wingers and create a backlash against them in society. The manifesto was part of his ruse.

      Thus, a ‘false flag’ operation.

      Of course, this goes against the narrative so it has gone down the memory hole and all people recall is his initial posturing and ‘manifesto’…to evil people, the end justifies the means!

  2. John Baglow Says:

    Have you bothered to read Breivik’s manifesto?

  3. balbulican Says:

    Xanthippe, Breivik is mentally ill. He has advanced several explanations for his murders, which span pretty much the entire delusional spectrum. To cherry pick the one explanation from that entire range and assert it as factual, because it puts the “bad guy” where you like “bad guys” to be on the political spectrum, is intellectually dishonest.

    I don’t hold the extreme right or European ultra nationalists “responsible” for Breivik’s action, any more than I hold Islam responsible for actions of a mentally ill nanny in Moscow, or Christianity responsible for the murder of prostitutes committed by a serial killer who acted because “God told him to.” Nor, with respect, should you.

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