Aspie humour, music and cats

Not much needs to be said:  just watch the video!

Hat tip:  Dvorak Uncensored

UPDATE: Having visited a friend who has a cat, I attempted to follow the above instructions to the best of my skills and abilities!  Alas, I failed…

I cradled the cat, as shown.  He looked very pleased, and not even a tiny bit ‘annoyed’.

I did the ‘sniffing’ – he closed his eyes, as if with pleasure.

I did the ‘serial kissing’ – after which the cat attempted to rub his cheek on me, as if asking me to show him more affection.

And, he appeared rather immune to the ‘little drop’…

After I let him down, he jumped onto my lap, asking for more – and not a peep out of him!  (Unless purring counts.)

Therefore, I am obligated to report that I have been unable to replicate this procedure successfully…

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: Having visited another friend, I tested the methodology on her cat.  It worked PERFECTLY!  Awesome cat-yodelling was enjoyed by all!

My personal observation:  pick a slightly finicky cat!

If the cat is ‘too agreeable’ – no sound except for purring will be heard, therefore, no yodeling will result.

If the cat is ‘too finicky’ – you’ll be torn to shreds!  Therefore, the key here is to find a cat with JUST the RIGHT amount of ‘finickiness’ to ‘tell you’ when you are being annoying, but not rip your face off!

Come to think of it, more people should have ‘just’ the ‘right’ amount of ‘finickiness’, too….

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One Response to “Aspie humour, music and cats”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Thanks, I needed a laugh

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