Lily of the valley

The other day, I was in my front ‘shade’ garden…

… when an elderly couple inquired if I ‘needed help’!

I sat up, pulled my camera down and embarrassed the kind folks… I was just taking some pictures of my flowers!

Of course, lily of the valleys are pretty low – so, to get the best shots (the sun was just setting, and I ‘had to’ capture that ‘kiss’ of ‘setting sunlight’ on the delicate blossoms…), I had to be lying down in the grass, and angling myself for the ‘best shot’!

I suppose it is easy to mistake an amateur photographer’s attempts to get the ‘perfect shot’ with random writhing in pain…art hurts, and all that…


(Updated to include the title…and fix some spelling….)

Lilly of the valley

Lily of the valley

more lilly of the valley....

more lily of the valley....

even more lilly of the valley

even more lily of the valley

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