McGuinty’s ‘all-day schooling’ harms low-income women

This rant is a follow up to my State is Mother, State is Father… and Why young kids should not be ‘institutionalized’.

Why the rant?

The Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, had – on the advice of an ‘educator’ – suggested that children should be put in schools from 4 years of age:  from 7:30 in the morning to 6 in the evening (yes, that is a 10.5 hour work-day for the child), 50 weeks per year (only 2 weeks of holidays per year)…

There are many motives for doing this:  McGuinty’s announcement said that he would begin implementing this program in areas where school enrolement was falling, and in economically depressed areas.

In other words:  Canadians are having fewer children, so the school enrollment is falling.  That means fewer jobs for teachers – like the premier’s wife!  So, he is doing something about it: if you have fewer children going to school, then to keep the number of teaching jobs up (or even raise it), you must increase the number of hours the kids are kept there!

This is a make-work-for-teachers program! Nothing more!

The kids are just pawns!

What will be the impact on our society?  It will make it more and more difficult for parents to look after their children themselves… It will be another nail in the coffin of the ‘nuclear family’!

Please, consider the following:

Our tax system penalizes families which choose to have one parent stay at home to raise their kids.  These families are taxed at a much higher rate than those who choose to use daycare (the cost of which is, in many cases, also subsidized from taxpayer dollars).

In order to make ends meet, many young mothers (it is mostly mothers) who choose to stay home to raise their young children will start a small, home-based daycare.  They’ll take in two or three other kids, pick them up from the schoolbus and care for them after school in their home.  I have seen these home based daycares – several of them.

They are loving homes and, in most cases, the care-giver and the child develop strong bonds. This is good:  small, home-based daycares mimic the ‘extended family’ scenario in which children have traditionally grown up and which, in my never-humble-opinion, is the best social setting for the healthy social growth of a young child.

What will happen under the newly proposed McGuinty plan?

McGuinty will have destroyed thousands of small, women-run business!

McGuinty will take away their jobs and give them to the teachers!

Because now, parents will not pay a neighbour or a friend to look after their child:  it will be cheaper and more ‘convenient’ to just put them into school for 10.5 hours!  And the taxpayers will pay for it all – so, why not?

And the women whose daycare income (now gone) used to allow them to stay at home will have to pay higher taxes, to pay the salaries of teachers (who get paid much, much more per hour than the caregiver was) who stole her job from her!!!

These women will be forced to work outside of home to make ends meet….and their own children will end up in the educational institution as well…because they will no longer be able to afford to look after them themselves.

In one punch, McGuinty has destroyed the ability of many parents to raise their kids themselves by depriving them of income and raising their taxes all at once!

People do not get rich running small, home-based daycares!  Their income is pretty low – just enough to let them ‘make ends meet’, so they CAN raise their children themselves, with the love their children deserve!

Taking away from low-income women and giving to the fat-cat unions!  That is ‘education – McGuinty style’!

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2 Responses to “McGuinty’s ‘all-day schooling’ harms low-income women”

  1. Lieutenant Calculus Says:


    I always enjoy reading your posts. They’re well thought out and well written. There is yet another, as I see it, serious drawback to McGuinty’s “plan”. Most people are concerned with how something works (or is supposed to work). From my experience, I have learned that just as important is “How do things fail?”

    In this case, McGuinty’s all-day government run daycare is a disaster waiting to happen. Presently, for those families such as my own who use home based daycares (long side story, won’t go into detail here) if the daycare lady is absent, there are backups, and alternatives. After the home-based daycares are wiped out because they have been undercut by the government program, that same program will become a single point of failure. When the teachers, front line workers, or whomever it is go on strike (the “system” fails), what/where is the backup? There is none. The cost of failure in the system skyrockets!

    Furthermore, when the price of failure is so high and the parties involved know it, it will be milked for all it is worth; the demands will be rolling in.

    This just has BAD IDEA written all over it.

  2. Alison Says:

    Not expressing an opinion one way or the other but your 7:30 to 6:00 statement at the top is a gross mis-statement of the facts. It is simply a matter of the schools adding (on the request of sufficient parents) fee-based extended care before and after a NORMAL school day. Something many parents have to scramble to obtain on one side or the other.
    Misrepresentation = spin = lie.
    Lying never bolsters anyone’s argument.

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