Perhaps Bill Gates is not evil…

OK – we all know the guy’s image.

We all also know he’s thrown a lot of money around to change this image….with very little success.

But, with this one, he just might convince me!

Bill Gates is releasing all seven Messenger Lectures that Richard Feynman gave at Cornell in 1964.  With subtitles!!!  (And, let’s admit it – Richard Feynman’s accent was not all that easy to understand.  So, subtitles are a really, really good thing.)

Unless, of course, this is some trick to get us all to download some really invasive software in order to watch them:  ‘the Feynman lure’ would be iresistable to any mortal!

h/t:  The Reference Frame

One Response to “Perhaps Bill Gates is not evil…”

  1. JR Says:

    Xanthippa, Thanks for pointing this out. I’m a great Feynman fan. I have The Feynman Lectures on Physics and most everything else written by and about him and am looking forward to his Messenger lecture series.

    As for Bill Gates, now I’ve got one more thing besides a dirt cheap operating system to thank him for.

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