It’s spring!

All right – I’m the first to admit that it does not take much to amuse me…


On Saturday, I saw a kingfisher flying to a nearby pine tree while out at the dog park.

On Sunday, I heard the unmistakable song of the starling – staking out its territory.

On Monday, I actually saw the starling:  a pair of them, none-the-less, in my back yard, sharing breakfast with the 13 squirrels who regularly frequent my yard (the squirrels are all one family:  ‘One-Eyed-Jackie’, also known as ‘Splittie’ as she is both missing one eye and has an ear that has been split into two has been coming here for , well, I guess this would be her 7 or 8th spring, always bringing her pups….the ‘regular 13′ are she, her offspring and their offspring).

Some of the squirrels appear to have already had their pups – you can tell by the suddenly loose skin on the females’ tummies.  Though, since their nipples are still not showing significant hair-loss, the pups must be very young indeed!

The crow-clans have – again – began to haggle over their territorial borders (we live at boundary of 3 different clans, who are always haggling over which clan will control ‘our’ little enclave of houses).

And, today (Tuesday), I saw the chipmunk who lives in my next-door neighbour’s garage – out and about, all woken up from hibernation!

And THAT is an unmistakable sign that spring really IS here!

3 Responses to “It’s spring!”

  1. bulletproofcourier Says:

    Spring has sprung, the grass has riz
    I wonder where the birdies is?
    I look up into the sky
    Oops! They dropped some whitewash in my eye 🙂

  2. derek Says:

    Yay! Finally!

    Winters are long as they are brutal.

  3. Bettyann Ajoku Says:

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