Pat Condell: ‘American Islamophobia’

In case you don’t know what Pat Condell means when he says that our fear of Islamists in NOT irrational, please, listen to the following video:


If only the guy in the second video were the only lunatic who advocates violence in the name of Islam, if only he were not the only one advocating to replace secular law and order with Sharia, then, perhaps, fearing his message could potentially be called a phobia.

Unfortunately, he is not!

And there are Muslims who fear lunatics like this – with good reason.  Religious extremists always attack the moderates within their own movement first, to better cow the rest and assure their own control over their co-religionists.

And, since the Islamists think that the only consequences of their actions will be rewards in heaven, they are not easy to dismiss.

So, exactly how many ‘hate-crimes’ against Muslims are occurring in the US, to require CAIR to fight this wave of Islamophobia?

Well, in the State of New York, in 2008 there were 8.  In 2009, there were 11.

Which makes for about 1.6 % of the incidents.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there is no excuse for violent crime, whatever its motivation may be.

But those 11 incidents of attacks on Muslims for their Muslimness seems fewer than the number of attacks by Muslims on others for their non-Muslimness…


H/T: Gates of Vienna

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