Is ‘the tide’ in Britain turning?

Finally, a bit of encouraging news from England.

In an unrelated observation, something has me uneasy – to the point of being worried…  The growing tide of ‘Slavic awareness’ has an ugly underbelly.


For centuries, the Slavs were hunted by the ‘Mediterraneans’ – especially the Venetians – and sold into slavery in Africa and the Middle East.  The very word ‘slave’ comes from the name of the race, Slav.  (And, yes – WAY more Slavs were sold into slavery into ‘Muslim Africa/Middle East’ than Africans were ever sold into slavery in Europe and the Americas combined:  this is a matter of historical records!)

Needless to say, there has, for centuries, been a bit of a chip on the Slavic shoulder abut the whole oppression thing…and the continuing lack of acknowledgment of the Slavic role in history.

Add to this the lack of ‘multi-culturalism’ brainwashing  in what used to be termed ‘Eastern Europe’/’Warsaw Pact countries’ – and the accompanying lack of self-shame in Slavs maintaining their cultural awareness….

Add to this the increasing pressures of the declining economic situation in the EU – and, most Slavic nations are members of the EU.  When economies decline, unrest increases.  If such an unrest has a nationalistic/racial ‘awareness’, there is a serious danger this bit will define it…

Add to this the increasing Islamist arrogance:  both attacks on ‘native European women’ who don’t submit to the standards of Sharia and thus ‘invite’ rapes (rape jihad), the expections of financial support of Muslim communities by some Muslims, simply because they are Muslim, and increasing demands for accommodations of Islamist -motivated behaviours/customs….

Well, let’s just say I don’t like the ’emerging picture’ – not the way I see it evolving.

Not at all…