Dalton McGuinty: yet another ‘Green Scandal’?

This morning, CFRA – a radio station in Ottawa (accessible through the web) – had a most informative program.

The credit goes to the veteran journalist Lowell Green and Rob Snow, who have done some serious investigative journalism – as have some regular listeners to the show.

What is the latest scandal about?

Well, it’s hard to tell….

The McGuinty Liberals have locked Ontario into a 20 year, multi-billion-dollar contract with two Koran companies to do something with ‘Green Energy’.  Something about wind-mills, and perhaps solar panels.

But, exactly what, we really don’t know.

Not for lack of trying – I would very much like to know.

It’s just that, the information is not so easy to come by…

The contract was, to the best of my understanding, reached through ‘a consensus’ – so it wasn’t necessary for anyone to air any of the details about it in public.

Like, say, what exactly does the contract obligate us to, what is (or, more importantly, what isn’t) included the cited cost, and so on.

But, let’s listen to ‘Mr. Transparent’s’ own words (as a CFRA listener asked him a question about this last week – and posted the video of the answer on YouTube):

That contract mentioned in the beginning of the video – the one McGuinty refuses to answer the question about, that was the subject of today’s CFRA call-in show.

As in, Lowell Green and Rob Snow requested the document under the Freedom of Information Act – and, today, they received it!

Well, that might be a strong term….

You see, Mr. McGuinty and his regime seem to think that ‘transparent’ means ‘redacted so much, the holes (where ‘confidential’ bits have been cut out) in the documents ought to be much larger than the bits left over with any sort of lettering on them…

To the point where just about the only bits we are permitted to see are the definitions of the terms to be used in the contract – and not the bits that actually use the terms in sentences (like, say, the actual body of the contract).

The heavily redacted document is here:  Read it and weep!

Oh, and by the way….

The radio program pointed out that al the public discussion (the little bit of the known facts there was) has discussed this as a deal between Ontario and Samsung.  There was no mention of the second Korean company in the contract, Korea Electric Power Corporation.

Why would anyone want to keep that second company’s name so very quiet?

The answer is unknown.

It is curious, however, that for the days just around the time the contract was announced, there is a curious movement in the stock price of Korea Electric Power Corporation.

I am not educated in financial matters, but, to my layman’s eyes, it looks like somebody who knew the contract was going to be announced could, potentially, have made a killing on the stock!

Of course, I have no idea if any ‘insider trading’ did indeed occur – and if it did, by whom.

I’m just saying this ‘Green Energy’ deal stinks more than a particularly vile heap of compost….

P.S.  I’ll pop more links into the post if I dig them out…