Tarek Fatah exposes Ignatieff’s and the Liberal Party’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

From Tarek Fatah on Facebook:


The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) designated by the US Justice Department and the FBI as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, is partnering with the Liberal Party and Michael Ignatieff to host a fundraising event for liberal candidate Omar AlGhabra in Mississauga tonight.

As if this link alone was not troublesome, ICNA is making no secret of their association with both Ignatieff and AlGhabra. In a mass e-mail burst, ICNA head A. Qayyum Mufti wrote:

“Please help Omar AlGhabra reach the the parliament once again. Support him in his campaign by volounteering, financially, and inviting others. Join him this Monday to kick start his 2011 election campaign.”

For the uninitiated, ICNA follows the ideology of the Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan and the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Albanna. The spiritual head of ICNA is the late Syed Maududi who was once sentenced to death for his role in the pogroms aimed at liquidating the Ahmaddiya Muslims in Pakistan in 1952.

How on earth will the leader of the Liberal Party Michael Ignatieff explain why he got himself in bed with ICNA? Well, if Rob Oliphant can have lunch with a pro-Taliban politician Imran Khan, then ICNA promoting a liberal candidate should be no big surprise.




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