Invitation to my MP, Pierre Poilievre

Hi Mr. Poilievre!

As my MP, you have done a good job – I have no complaints.

However, I am having growing doubts as to the direction the Conservative Party is taking….  Doubts which, I know for a fact, are not limited to myself but which extend to a lot of ‘little c’ conservatives in your riding – as well as some very influential ‘big C’ conservatives.  I know, because they have told me so.

One of the cornerstones of our political system (and of the conservative philosophy) is that whatever their physical differences, each and every citizen is equal in the eyes of the law.

Unfortunately, this principle had been abused and, frankly, figuratively thrown out the window, in the way that the whole ‘Caledonia situation’ had been handled.  Instead of treating all citizens as eaqual and upholding the rule of law, the OPP – under the leadership of Julian Fantino – practiced what could only be described as race-based policing.  Now, the Federal Conservatives have not only permitted Mr. Fantino to sit in the House of Commons as a member of your party, he has been given a leadership role!

As a Canadian patriot, I find this highly insulting – and more than a little frightening.

However, I do understand that since what had happened in Caledonia had not been properly covered in the mainstream media, you may be unaware of exactly what it is that has so many people so very upset.  Therefore, I would like to invite you to come – as my guest – to an information evening about what had happened in Caledonia.  The event is co-sponsored by the Free Thinking Film Society (who recently sponsored the screening of the movie ‘Iranium’) and the International Free Press Society.

Details of the event:

Date:  March 22, 2011
Time:  19:00 hours
Place:  Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington St. (just down the road from the Supreme Court and Parliament buildings)

I truly do hope that as both a partiotic Canadian and as an MP, you will accept my invitation and take the time to learn about this very important threat to our core Canadian values.  If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely, I look forward to seeing you there!

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