Sorry for the comment approval delay…

As I have mentioned, I am spending much of my time sitting vigil with a dear and loved relative, who is in a hospice – and has much too strong-a-heart for her to ‘pass’ easily…as a matter of fact, I am now by her bedside.

Needless to say, there is so much ‘family interaction’ – good as well as stressful, as is always the case – that I am somewhat overwhelmed by it all and in no frame of mind to actually respond to the comments that some of you have so generously made…

However, this is taking much longer time than I expected – and way more out of me than I ever thought possible.

So, I’ll do something I don’t ever do – I’ll approve the backlog of comments that have accumulated over the last week+, without really having had the proper opportunity to review/rebut them.  Please, do not take this personally – I just hope this will permit the debates among my readers to continue, even if I do not interject myself into the conversation.

Thank you, all, for all!


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