Lady Thatcher passes away

Growing up behind the iron curtain, she was my idol – because she was the only one my oppressors feared!

The sad news comes during a sad vigil for me, as I spend time at a hospice, waiting for a dear relative (a warrior-woman who had dedicated her life to the Canadian military and to protecting all our lives) to breathe her last…

Difficult days…

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One Response to “Lady Thatcher passes away”

  1. Juggernaut Says:

    I know she won’t get as much coverage as other politicians because of some of the controversy surrounding her, but she is one of the very few politicians of that time which I respected and admired.

    She offered a lot of good qualities. She was principled, backboned and assertive, rejected the dogma of the left without adopting the religious fanaticism of the right. An able commander and adept politician, displayed honesty even when people didn’t want it. One of the most accomplished women in history who never made gender an issue.

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