CaspianReport: North Korea vs South Korea/USA

CaspianReport is a YouTube channel I came across which has some very intelligent analysis of world politics from outside the North American/Western viewpoint.

As such, I’d like to bring to your attention their analysis of the current political situation in North Korea and how it might evolve:

Here is a humorous description of the background information.



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The new Catholic Pope washes the feet of a Muslim prisoner


If you have not heard of ‘Donglegate’, you are likely not plugged in to the IT world – because anyone even remotely connected to the tech world has not been so lucky.

In a nutshell – Adria Richards, a non-technical person whose job was to make life easier for socially-awkward software developers (her actual job title was ‘developer evangelist’) eavesdropped on a ‘big dongle’ joke by a couple of socially-awkward software developers at a Python software developers conference and made such a public spectacle of just how offensive that was that she managed to get the guy who told the joke fired from his job.  Anonymous – the hactivist group – took exception to her actions and targeted both her blog (where she continued to make a big fuss over the dongle joke and revealed herself to be an even more unstable flake than before) and her employer with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks – until, that is, her employer realized that Adria was not, after all, very good at evangelizing on behalf of developers, making the world a nicer place for them… and fired her.

Here is a most excellent account of the event and its fallout.

And, since he’s been talking about feminism lately, here is Thunderf00t’s take on it:

Frankly, I think people like Adria Richards should never work in a position of influence or power over anyone – and hope she never does!

UPDATE:  A couple of days before she overheard the ‘dongle’ joke, Adria Richards Tweeted a sexist joke about a male friend stuffing a sock down his pants to appear to have a larger penis.…’Nough said!

Why the US Is Not a Democracy

It would have been nice had the video also addressed ‘Constitutional Monarchy’, which is a law-based system of governance but different from a republic.  Still, it is well done:


The instigators…

My cat-loving aunt’s been sick, so I’ve been looking for funny kitty videos to amuse her with.  Who would have thought there were so many cat videos on the interwebitudes?!?!?  😉

Came across this most amusing video and could not resist posting it:

Islamic Slavery in Sudan


Canadian Constitution Foundation: Canadians have the right to record the police


Now this guy is serious about dominoes!

Something a little light-hearted:

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A contrast between conservative and libertarian views

This is an excellent video that demonstrates some of the big differences between libertarians and conservatives.

Even though I am not a fan of Ann Coulter, I do think she represents the conservative position rather accurately – or, perhaps that is why I am not a fan of Ann Coulter…

Internet Defense League

Just received this:

Dear Internet Defense League member,

Last year, right on the heels of our historic victory against SOPA, a piece of really nasty legislation almost passed that would have radically undermined online privacy.

It was called CISPA.  And it raced through the US House of Representatives, passing before any of us had a chance to react.  We stalled the bill in the Senate, but now CISPA is back, and we don’t want to make the same mistake twice.  Before there is *any* movement on the bill, we want to send a strong message to Congress that CISPA shouldn’t pass.

That’s why we’re partnering with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to launch an Internet Defense League action starting tomorrow, Tuesday March 19th.

Can you participate? If so, get the code for your site here:

And help get more people signed up by sharing this page with your social network:


Wait, what is CISPA?  And why does it matter so much?

CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) would give companies complete freedom to share your personal data with the US government.  It doesn’t *require* them to do so, but if the government asked it would be hard to say no, and they’d have no reason to– CISPA would free them from any promises made to customers in public statements or privacy policies.

Your emails, your Facebook account, your bank statements, the websites you visit, your real-time location (courtesy of your cellphone company)– all of it could soon belong to a slew of government agencies and even local police, who could use it against you without a warrant.

Get the code:

The IDL action will display only tomorrow. The banner looks like this: The modal looks like this:

And they both link to this action page hosted by the EFF:

Please spread the word.

Thanks!  Sincerely,
Holmes Wilson – Internet Defense League

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about CISPA, the EFF has a great FAQ page here: