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CrazyRussianHacker Tries for a Darwin Award (RE Dry ice air conditioner)

This is really quite amusing – it was just last night (or, should I say early this morning?) that I had stumbled upon CrazyRussianHacker’s channel.  Quite amusing – he is rather funny and some of his ideas are definitely something I’m going to try out when we go cottaging with my family.

And yes, I did see he had a video for a dry ice air conditioner, but thought the idea silly and skipped that video.

It seems that Thunderf00t did not skip it – and has some things to say about it:

P.S.  CRH actually has a video where he criticizes some of his own earlier hacks and shows why and how they are to be voided, so he’s probably open to constructive criticism.  Should be interesting to watch his reaction…

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