I soooo need a raven!


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Thunderf00t: wole sky Aurora Borealis

There’s been so much depressing stuff happening lately….just take a breath and relax with Thunderf00t!


A ‘web-devoleper’ indeed!!!

Let me just say right at the beginning:  for as long as I live, I will never EVER ever ever go to Brazil!!!


The story goes on to say that the guy who filmed the following video is a ‘web developer’…and it looks like he’s not the only one developing ‘the web’ in this Brazilian town:

‘The Brazilian spider’s colony is often made up of several thousands of spiders. The massive spider webs created by the Anelosimus eximius can be found from ground level to at least 20 m up. The webs of the Brazilian spider species can range in size from tiny structures with a length of 10-25 cm and containing only one or a few spiders, to large spider webs of 2 to 3 meters or more.

Strong tornado-like winds can pick up the web, along with the thousands of spiders, carry it anywhere, and as the winds die down, it can rain spiders, as in this case.’


That’s one big NOPE!!!!!!

Or, rather, thousands of big, hairy NOPEs…

I seem to be experiencing difficulties embedding this video – if it will not work for you, here is the link to YouTube.

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The politest coyote attack ever

Is it wrong that I find this amusing?

I guess it makes change from watching all the Benghazi coverage….

Quoth the Raven: ‘Say Nevermore!’

The earthquake in Japan: Thunderf00t’s message and my rant

Thunderfoot is right:  Japan HAD prepared for earthquakes.

They lead the world in practical applications of the principles science discovers on how to build in earthquake zones.  If this natural disaster had struck in a less technological and science-focused country, the death toll would be several magnitudes larger.

Which does not mean that it is somehow ‘negligable’, or that the human suffering the people of Japan, in Japan, their families and friends are experiencing is in any way less worthy of our help!

Just to drive the point home….

When I first started blogging, I came across a blog by a guy named Robert Evans.  He was an Anglo (don’t know which English-speaking country he came from) who went to Japan to teach English for a year – then two, then three….  He fell in love with the country, the language, the people.

In fact, he was a budding writer who had oodles of potential.  I know, because after reading his blog, I was spellbound by his writing style and commented often.  He had since shut down that blog, and the next one he started, but, every now and then, we would converse on Google’s instant messanger:  mostly discussing linguistics.

Robert was in love with the English language, as I am.  The big difference between us was that for him, it was his 1st language while for me, English is either 2nd, 4th or 7th language (depending on how you count this).  So, even though I am not familiar with Japanese, I do see some of the things which might appear ‘obvious’ to a ‘native Anglo’ but which are not if you have to learn the English language later on in life….

No, we were never close friends (not even ‘internet buddies’) – but we did have a few very ‘interesting chats’.

Last I knew, Robert Evans was teaching English on one of the islands located in the North-East of Japan.

I wonder if he was there, when the earthquake struck.

I wonder if he is OK!

Yeah, I know – I am a sap.  But if I am this upset about not knowing the fate of someone I kind-of knew through the internet, who might not even have been in the danger zone any longer, is any indication of the worry that people DO go through worrying about loved ones whom they KNOW to have been in the area hit by the earthquake and whose fate is still unknown….well, I get the picture!

My thoughts and best wishes are with everyone affected by this natural disaster!

As for religious (or secular dogmatic) idiots who want to use this human suffering as a propaganda vehicle (or self-righteousness thingy, like the idiot-chick in Thunderf00t’s video, or the dumb-asses who claimed the Haiti earthquake was because women in the West did not wear hijabs or burkas or some similar religious drivel – or the morons trying to draw any sort of association between this earthquake and global warming):



Loon at sunrise…

Having just returned from a holiday (away from internet, phones, all news and other distractions), I have just turned my computer on and realized I have quite a backlog of comments that have piled up during my absence…and I have not yet even had the chance to find out what has been happening in the great big wide world over the last 9 or so days….

So, while I try to catch up a little, here are a few of the sights that have been healing my soul:

A loon at sunrise:

The lake:

Reflecting on life: