How many types of infinity are there?


Vi Hart: Doodling in Math Class: Dragon Dungeons


Happy ‘Turkey Day’ to our US cousins!

If you need help with your ‘Turkey Day’ recipes, I recommend Vi Hart’s mathmatical feast!

Bon Apetit!

Happy Halloween!

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ViHart: Hexaflexagons


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Vi Hart: 9.999… reasons that .999… = 1

When you went to grade school, were you taught that ‘it is impossible to divide by zero’?  Or, that ‘we do not divide by zero’, as Vi Hart claims in the video she was taught?

I only ask because where I went to grade school (the other side of the iron curtain), we were taught from the very beginning that anything divided by zero = infinity….

Interesting video.  Personally, the argument I find most convincing is the demonstration of equivalence because there is no number which is greater than 0.9999repeating and 1.0.

OK, now for a bit of philosoraptoring

What does the term ‘=’ mean:  is ‘equal to’ actually mean ‘the same’?  Or does it mean ‘equivalent’…

Or, indeed, does ‘the same as’ mean ‘the same’?

Would you get into a Star Trek type replicator-transporter?

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