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Open Doors Ottawa – 2013

For all those who will find yourself in the Ottawa area this coming weekend, 1st and 2nd of  June, 2013, and you would like to see all kinds of wonderful places which are not usually open to the public, you are in luck!

Open Doors Ottawa is an excellent and fun way to spend a weekend. Whether you want to see how the traffic lights are controlled, or visit various Embassies, from Churches and Mosques to historical buildings to government offices – many have their doors open.

Here is the list of the 2013 events.


David Wood EDL interview excerpt


“Free Amina!” – Femen stage a protest in front of a Tunisian court


The ‘Amina’ in question is Amina Tyler, a Tunisian member of Femen.  (I have written about her here.)  She had posted a topless photo of herself on FaceBook with the Arabic words for ‘My body is my own’ written across her chest.  Her family had her committed to a mental institution, she ran away and now she is facing charges of indecency.

So, the day before her trial, three Femen activists staged the first Femen topless protest  in the Arab world in front of the Tunisian court where Amina is to be tried.

Considering they each could face 6 months in jail – and that is if the Islamists don’t get to them first:  that is very, very brave of them!

Femen against Sharia!

You go, girls!


Omar Khadr moved to Edmonton jail

Omar Khadr…

So, Canada’s most infamous convicted terrorist has been moved to a jail in  Edmonton, because the other inmates at Millhaven (just west of Kingston), offered to kill him.  Not for any political reasons, not because he is a Sharia supremacist, not because he is a war criminal, not because he murdered a medic who was trying to save Omar Khadr’s life – but because he’s such a jerk, even the other inmates cannot stand him.

From CBC:

‘Khadr was flown to the Edmonton Institution Tuesday, potentially ending a situation in which he had been deprived of prison programming that complicated efforts to seek parole, his lawyer Dennis Edney confirmed.

“Hopefully, this is a positive step in his long journey to freedom,” the Edmonton-based Edney said.’

Yeah, we all hope he’ll move right next door to us and pop over to sing Kumbaya with our kids every now and then…

With the failure of British and US police forces to protect their citizenry against Islamists with known terrorist tendencies, let’s show the world that the rule of law has not yet broken down in Canada.

Omar Khadr took up arms against forces engaged in a UN sanctioned war, forces which were direct allies of Canada.  That, under Canadian laws, constitutes treason.

Let’s apply the law to Omar Khadr just like we would to any other Canadian, without prejudice on any grounds, and charge him with treason.

For a just society to exist, the laws must be applied to everyone equally – even Omar Khadr!


Milton Friedman – The Enemies of School Choice

Ron Paul: Nanny State Brings Police State

That whole ‘State Education’ thing…perhaps we should re-think this!

When teachers are disciplined – perhaps fired – for teaching students that they have rights  and freedoms under the Constitution….

It’s time to re-think this badly run experiment in State indoctrination!

In completely unrelated news:  Waterloo University is looking for a new ‘Director of Equity’.  Should I apply?

Pat Condell: Muslims Must Reject Jihad

Pat Condell has hit the nail on the head with this one!

Just like Obama’s snarking that he did not have any idea that Jeremiah Wright was preaching anything hateful – even though he credited that man with converting him to Christianity and regularly attended his sermons did not fly and he was eventually forced to throw him under the proverbial bus id he wanted to retain a shred of respectability, so do moderate Muslims have to publicly and openly denounce every hate preacher who infiltrates their mosques.  Passive silence is not an option when violent, seditious and murderous actions are being promoted, by anyone, anywhere, under any pretext.

The moderate Muslims must vote with their feet and walk out from hate-sermons, ostracize hate-preachers.  If they remain with the Islamists, they must accept being treated as Islamists!

It is not possible to reclaim Islam from the Islamists without standing up to them.  If those Muslims who tell us the extremists are high-jacking their religion do not take it back from them, then the 21st century Islam will be defined by them.

Except then, there will be nowhere to run to escape the Sharia!



Who is Adam Kokesh?

Adam Kokesh is certainly not a household name, but he is trying to become one.

Here is a little video as a means of an introduction:

From the Wikipedia page on Adam Kokesh:

‘In May 2013, Kokesh announced he is planning an armed pro-gun rights march from Virginia to Washington, D.C. on July 4, 2013 to coincide with Independence Day.[41]

On May 18, 2013, Kokesh was arrested in Philadelphia by Federal Park Rangers together with other protesters at the 5th iteration of a marijuana legalization rally known as Smoke Down Prohibition.[42] The Smoke Down event has occurred at Independence National Historical Park in downtown Philadelphia once every month since January 2013 with no prior arrests or police intervention. Don Dezarn was widely criticized by online commentators for possibly planting something on Kokesh, but he has been publicly defended by Kokesh’s own producers and others who were at the rally. Adam Kokesh and N.A. Poe appeared before a judge on Monday May 20th and were charged with assaulting a federal officer and resisting arrest. Wide speculation on the internet claims that the Federal government seeks to harass and intimidate activists with the arrest of Kokesh who has called for an armed march on Washington D.C. on Independence Day July 4, 2013.[43] Kokesh’s federal charges were reduced to violations on May 24th and he was released. [44]

Along with his release on May 24, 2013, Kokesh called for a “Final American Revolution” to take place on July 4th, 2013 in place of the previously planned armed march on Washington D.C.. This is planned to take place in all 50 state capitols with protests to be only absolved by each governors agreement to initiate an orderly dissolution of the federal government through secession.[45]

This little ‘l’ libertarian is a strong supporter of Ron Paul, a veteran of Iraq who organized anti-Iraq-war protests (for which activity he just might have been singled out for ‘extra attention’ by The State) and an anti-prohibitionist.  And, he is doing his best to gain notoriety in order to affect politics and preserve civil liberties.

Adam Kokesh is as cute as a little puppy – who just might grow up into a big dog!

So, like him or hate him, you might just hear more from and about him…