Our Solar System May Be More Unusual Than Previously Thought

We studied our Solar system an thought we understood how all kinds of solar systems form.

Then we looked around…and the evidence does not fit our hypothesies:

‘As of this month, we’ve discovered 884 planets, 692 planetary systems, 132 of them with more than one planet and, strange to tell, almost none of them look like us.

“We are now beginning to understand that nature seems to overwhelmingly prefer [planetary] systems that have multiple planets with orbits of less than 100 days,” says Steve Vogt, astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz. “This is quite unlike our own solar system, where there is nothing with an orbit inside that of Mercury. So our solar system is, in some sense, a bit of a freak and not the most typical kind of system that Nature cooks up.”

All of sudden, we’re the abnormal ones. We have to figure out why our solar system turned out different from all the others.’

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The consequences of the Obama policies in threat denial

This is a longer video than most, but well worth watching.

Sebastian Gorka is not the only one to speak up about this – Stephen Caughlin has also spoken out about the reality of the ideological purges in the intelligence community on many occasions.  However, Sebastian Gorka goes into the roots of the Obama ideology in a much clearer detail:

The following video is included as it focuses on he story of one of the victims of the Obama purges:

While I don’t agree with everything said, it is something to think about.