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Pat Condell: There’s no racist like a liberal racist

Just to underline just how correct Pat Condell is in his assessment of ‘Progressives’ – one just recently published a study describing just how racist the Israeli Defense Forces were.

The hypothesis went something like this:  IDF soldiers are racist against Palestinians and show their contempt by raping Palestinian women.

Then, there was much going about and collecting evidence to support this hypothesis:  except there was one slight problem….the Pallywood propaganda about IDF soldiers frequently raping Palestinian women was eactly that – propaganda, with no factual basis.

But – the ‘study’ was underway?  How is a ‘Progressive Intellectual’ to salvage this situation?

The answer is really quite clear, isn’t it:  RACISM!!!!

That’s right – racism.

The IDF soldiers are SOOOOOOO ‘racist’, they consider Palestinian women SOOOOOO ‘below’ them, they won’t even stoop to raping them!!!

I wish this were not true…but it is.

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Pat Condell: Muslims Must Reject Jihad

Pat Condell has hit the nail on the head with this one!

Just like Obama’s snarking that he did not have any idea that Jeremiah Wright was preaching anything hateful – even though he credited that man with converting him to Christianity and regularly attended his sermons did not fly and he was eventually forced to throw him under the proverbial bus id he wanted to retain a shred of respectability, so do moderate Muslims have to publicly and openly denounce every hate preacher who infiltrates their mosques.  Passive silence is not an option when violent, seditious and murderous actions are being promoted, by anyone, anywhere, under any pretext.

The moderate Muslims must vote with their feet and walk out from hate-sermons, ostracize hate-preachers.  If they remain with the Islamists, they must accept being treated as Islamists!

It is not possible to reclaim Islam from the Islamists without standing up to them.  If those Muslims who tell us the extremists are high-jacking their religion do not take it back from them, then the 21st century Islam will be defined by them.

Except then, there will be nowhere to run to escape the Sharia!



Pat Condell: I’m offended by Islam

I’m offended by not applying the rule of law equally to each and every citizen.

I’m offended by all claims that religious laws are above human laws.

I’m offended by adult human beings taking pride in believing things that they have no evidence for.

I’m offended by people claiming that a person can be both religious and moral.

I’m offended by people thinking it’s their right to intellectually cripple their children by brainwashing them into the religion of the parents’ choice…



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