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Just to underline just how correct Pat Condell is in his assessment of ‘Progressives’ – one just recently published a study describing just how racist the Israeli Defense Forces were.

The hypothesis went something like this:  IDF soldiers are racist against Palestinians and show their contempt by raping Palestinian women.

Then, there was much going about and collecting evidence to support this hypothesis:  except there was one slight problem….the Pallywood propaganda about IDF soldiers frequently raping Palestinian women was eactly that – propaganda, with no factual basis.

But – the ‘study’ was underway?  How is a ‘Progressive Intellectual’ to salvage this situation?

The answer is really quite clear, isn’t it:  RACISM!!!!

That’s right – racism.

The IDF soldiers are SOOOOOOO ‘racist’, they consider Palestinian women SOOOOOO ‘below’ them, they won’t even stoop to raping them!!!

I wish this were not true…but it is.


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