Omar Khadr being sued for $50 million

About time!!!



Michael Coren & Tarek Fatah – Omar Khadr’s useful idiot supporters


Freedom of Speech: still under fire

As Ezra Levant reminds us, freedom of speech is under fire all over the world.  He recently raised the case in Spain, where an ex-Muslim is being threatened with deportation to Pakistan, where he will most certainly face death for blasphemy.

But, it is not only something that happens in the illiberal European Union:  freedom of speech is under fire, right here, in Canada’s capital:

Next week, the 24th, 25th and 26th of March, 2014, Mark and Connie Fournier of the formerly ‘Free Dominion’ (currently ‘Censored-Out-Of-Existence Dominion’), will be back in court, fighting to protect our freedom of speech on the internet.

It is, indeed, the continuation of the ‘Dr. Dawg case’ which had been summarily dismissed in a ruling where the judge was incredulous that Dr. Dawg was willing to admit – in court – to having conducted himself as foolishly as he had.  At least, that is my highly imperfect understanding of that ruling.


While I have observed the various legal opponents of the Fourniers’ in court, and have found many of them to lack charisma, I cannot say this of Dr. Dawg.  He may be dead wrong on this issue (in my never-humble-opinion), but, he is a charming guy with a disarming smile.  And, he is always meticulously turned out:  not stuffy, but striking and he takes great pride in his always polished and tidy riding boots. (The ones with the adorable silver trimmings – I’ll be sure to let you know if he wears them in court next week….and they are ‘riding boots’, not ‘cowboy boots’, as I have erroneously reported in the past.  I know, because Dr. Dawg was kind enough to send me the link to them, so that I would make the necessary correction – which, of course, I am more than happy to make.  So, to be sure – they are ‘riding boots’, not ‘cowboy boots’ – and they always look polished and well groomed!)

And, sometimes, Dr. Dawg wears hats – I am very partial to hats!  Did I mention the most awesome steampunk hat my son got over the March break?  Hats get the thumbs-up from me!

Plus, Dr. Dawg had brought a young man (whom I presume to be his step-son) to court to observe some of the non-Dr. Dawg related cases:  this, I truly respect because as a parent myself, I really appreciate the importance of teaching civics lessons to our young people.  So, kudos to him for that – even if I disagree with this particular case of his or his politics in general.  After all, it is our duty to teach our young ones to respect the process – and think for themselves:  the rest is up to them!

But, enough of my ranting…refocusing:

Even though the ruling was for the Fourniers and Peter O’Donnel, a frequent poster at Free Dominion, the court of appeals overturned the summary dismissal.  I am sure there were very sound legal reasons for this, but, to my untrained mind and ‘farmer’s wisdom’ (the best, yet clumsy, translation of my dad’s favourite expression – implying ‘layman’s comprehension’ as my father was not a farmer and not even a gardener (this early pioneer in AI’s outdoor activities during my formative years being exclusively limited to tennis and windsurfing), and thus his comprehension of the ways of farmers and acquisition of any actual ‘farmer’s wisdom’ was quite literally non-existent – I’ve never even seen him mow a lawn…not even once!), it sounded like a bunch of hypothetical judges thought:  “Wow, one of them new-fangled ‘internet cases’ – here’s our one and perhaps only chance to make a ruling that will go into the textbooks – so, let’s prolong it as long as possible, because, after all, we are getting paid to do this:  the poor schmucks in front of us have to pick up the bill!”

OK, perhaps I am overly cynical, but that is what it sounds like to me and my legally untrained mind…

But, regardless of the reasons, the Fourniers will be in an Ottawa court room (Elgin St. Court house, for those wishing to pop by and support either side, or just curious about the ways of our justice system) and, health permitting, I will be there to report on it, to the best of my highly limited abilities!

P.S.  Omar Khadr is not, according to the United Nations own definition, a ‘Child Soldier’ – and anyone who claims otherwise is a snotling fondler and a silly-bunny to boot!!!

Omar Khadr to remain in federal prison, Edmonton judge rules

Breaking news heard via CFRA, then linkable article from CTV:

‘An Edmonton judge has ruled that former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr will not be transferred from a federal prison to a provincial jail.

The Toronto-born Khadr pleaded guilty in 2010 to five war crime offences, including murder, for killing an American soldier in Afghanistan when he was 15.’
Read the CTV story here.
I believe that ‘five war crime offences‘ is an attempt to ‘soften’ the fact that this excuse for a human being has committed 5 war crimes!!!
My mother was visiting when we got the news and she exclaimed (and I am translating loosely here):  “That criminal scum!!! Only eight years…  And why didn’t that scoundrel Obama keep him?  That  Obama should have to pay for his upkeep – it’s the stupid Americans who sentenced him to prison instead of hanging him like they did in Nuremberg! “
Did I mention my mother had lived through WWII occupation, a communist revolution and a Soviet invasion?  She has little respect for people who are soft on war criminals…
H/T:  Jeremy

Omar Khadr moved to Edmonton jail

Omar Khadr…

So, Canada’s most infamous convicted terrorist has been moved to a jail in  Edmonton, because the other inmates at Millhaven (just west of Kingston), offered to kill him.  Not for any political reasons, not because he is a Sharia supremacist, not because he is a war criminal, not because he murdered a medic who was trying to save Omar Khadr’s life – but because he’s such a jerk, even the other inmates cannot stand him.

From CBC:

‘Khadr was flown to the Edmonton Institution Tuesday, potentially ending a situation in which he had been deprived of prison programming that complicated efforts to seek parole, his lawyer Dennis Edney confirmed.

“Hopefully, this is a positive step in his long journey to freedom,” the Edmonton-based Edney said.’

Yeah, we all hope he’ll move right next door to us and pop over to sing Kumbaya with our kids every now and then…

With the failure of British and US police forces to protect their citizenry against Islamists with known terrorist tendencies, let’s show the world that the rule of law has not yet broken down in Canada.

Omar Khadr took up arms against forces engaged in a UN sanctioned war, forces which were direct allies of Canada.  That, under Canadian laws, constitutes treason.

Let’s apply the law to Omar Khadr just like we would to any other Canadian, without prejudice on any grounds, and charge him with treason.

For a just society to exist, the laws must be applied to everyone equally – even Omar Khadr!


Thoughts on Omar Khadr’s repatriation

Well, well, well.

The chickens have come home to roost.

Or something like that!

It seems like the vast majority of the media is jubilant over Omar Khadr’s return to Canada – in stark contrast to the polls of actual Canadian people, the vast majority of whom opposed his repatriation.  He killed an American medic, he was sentenced in America – why should Canadian taxpayers foot the bill for his jail time and rehabilitation?

And the cost of rehabilitation will be high!

Not counting the ten million he is suing Canada for, that is…

Because this 5 times war criminal is unrepentant and more militant than ever.  He is a racist, misogynistic bigot who is hell-bent on using any means available to him – including violence and propaganda – to wage jihad against us, non-Muslims.

We know this because he openly says so.

No, not to the media and the useful idiots from the consular office – but he says it nonetheless.

He boasts of having killed Americans.

He says his best days were when he was manufacturing roadside bombs and planting them, to blow up our and allied military personnel.

And he is proud of having cold-bloodedly murdered a medic – not in the heat of a battle, but while the unarmed medic was attempting to render him medical assistance!

Forget the lie so often repeated in the media that he is a ‘child soldier’ – he is not.  Not according to either the spirit or the letter of the law, which is very specific in its definition of the legal term ‘child soldier’.  But I have ranted on that in the past…

What is important now is how we will deal with this hardened terrorist in our midst:  will we pretend that he is just another petty criminal who can be rehabilitated through education, or will we recognize the clear and present danger he poses to us all?

He had, after all, committed treason by taking up arms against our and allied forces.

It’s right there, in our criminal code.

The only reasonable course of action is for him to be charged and tried under that law because if the laws are not applied equally to everyone, the very foundation of our society will be undermined.

Even more on the July 18th protests

Here is a professor of international law, explaining the terms that regularly crop up with respect to Omar Khadr.

This is important, because legal terms are narrow in their scope and if we don’t understand them correctly, we cannot have a meaningful discussion on any topic these terms refer to.

Omar Khadr protests – 18th of July, 2012

This post will continue to be updated as information comes in – newest on top.

And here is a comment received at my site about this from someone who, like I, is an immigrant into Canada and wants to preserve the Canada we came to:

‘I was an immigrant to Canada and I proudly stood up at my citizenship ceremony and swore allegiance to Canada, I chose Canada for the freedoms and opportunities. I find it irrehensible for a person born in Canada who goes overseas to fight against Canada and Canadian values; this is tatamount to treason and Mr Khadr should face the full extent of the law; The entire khadr family gave up their right to be called Canadian.If Minister Toews is forced to accept Khadr, then He (Khadr) should be imprisoned for life on the crime of treason.

Keep up the good work and fight to keep Khadr out, even expand the campaign to the rest of his family.’

Excellent coverage of the Toronto event – with pictures – by BlogWrath.


More from BlazingCatfur, including re-printing of a nasty letter condemning the protests – and video of Shobie Kapoor’s speech.

Ezra’s speech over at BCF.

OMNI Edmonton (video).

A report from the Edmonton Sun.

BlazingCatFur reports having returned from the event – and that the  Toronto speakers were excellent.  He even has one photo up.

More information on the Omar Khadr protests

Wednesday will see demonstrations across Canada of people protesting the return of convicted terrorist Omar Khadr.  I just received this press release from the folks organizing the Edmonton protest:

STOP Khadr Edmonton

Canadian Patriots Unite

Contact: Sharon Maclise                                                                                                                         For Immediate Release
Tel: 780-455-1330

STOP Khadr Edmonton Rally
Wed July 18, 12 noon
Edmonton Law Court Plaza – 10287-99 St

Recent polls suggest a majority* of Canadians are opposed to the return of Omar Khadr because we think he continues to represent a serious threat to the security of our country.

We are concerned Albertans who have joined forces with others of the Canadian Patriotic Society1 across the country – in Toronto, Montreal and Abbotsford – to make our opinion known about this decision. It is important that  dmontonians
are aware that Khadr might chose to live and study here as he has a strong base of local support – his former Lawyer Dennis Edney; English Prof’s Arlette Zinck at Kings University and Janice Williamson at UofA; Edmonton Journal Editorial Writer Shelia Pratt and Columnist Paula Simons – have all written glowing testimonials for Khadr.

Al Qaeda declared a “War on Terror” against many western countries including Canada and it is a threat that needs to be taken seriously. Khadr remains a dangerous threat because of his radical family and Al-Qaeda roots, plus he has not been de-radicalized at Gitmo. If he returns and is going to be released we believe a case can be made to have him charged with Treason for “assist[ing] an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian
Forces are engaged in hostilities”2. To support that we plan on a public petition asking the Government of Canada to bring this charge against Khadr.


If you would like more information about this Event, or would like to schedule an interview with Sharon Maclise – please email your requests to

* May 25, 2012 – Sun News: Close the Door Media. “53% of Canadians oppose the return of Omar Khadr” Abacus Data Poll. .

1) Canadian Patriotic Society – Contact: Shobie Kapoor c 647-500-5192
W: E:

2) Criminal Code of Canada, Section 46 (1) c – Definition of High Treason.