Here is a professor of international law, explaining the terms that regularly crop up with respect to Omar Khadr.

This is important, because legal terms are narrow in their scope and if we don’t understand them correctly, we cannot have a meaningful discussion on any topic these terms refer to.

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  1. Jim-Bob Says:

    It’s funny how conservatives love international law (or certain interpretations of it anyway) only when it suits their anti-Muslim agenda. The fact that there is a Supreme Court of Canada decision finding that Khadr was tortured (though again, conservatives don’t consider systematic sleep deprevation to be torture when it is applied to Muslims, including children), that his constitutional rights violated, and that the federal government is obligated to remedy the situation. I guess conservatives for in favour of world government as long as it is an anti-Muslim government.

    Xanthippa says:

    Jim-Bob, my clever little bunny, where did you go?

    In the ACC debate, people kept hoping you’d come back to refute the post with the peer-reviewed science in it – for comic relief, of course…I do hope that as a troll, you understand that is your role to be the ‘comic relief’ for increasing hits here…

    And you ARE such a clever little bunny!

    • Jim-Bob Says:

      Hahahaha….. you don’t really expect people in the real workd to debate moronic conspiracy theorists like you, do you? The intelligent world has moved on. People like you, as with 9/11 truthers and creationists, are to be mocked and ridiculed. Not taken seriously. You would be easily dismissed as a pathetic figure did you not have particularily dangerous views like your advocacy for denying Muslim children that were subjected to torture a remedy.

    • Jim-Bob Says:

      Hey Xanthippa, while I’m collecting peer reviewed climate change evidence, do you want me to also try to proove that the long-form birth certificate Obama released is real and that World Trade Centre 7 collapsed due to fire and structural damage rather than controlled demolition? Bwahahahaha!!!!

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