Iranian scientists under investigation for copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is no laughing matter – as some scientists at Iran’s nuclear facilities are about to find out!

Reports have begun to appear that these scientists have been listening to unlicensed copies of AD/DC’s popular song, Thunderstruck.

At full volume!

If they are not under investigation for this already, they are bound to be soon!

Sure, the scientists are certain to claim some lame defense, like that ‘hackers did it’.

Come on, people!

Hackers may be naughty, but even they would not transgress against the mighty copyright trolls!

Iran is about to learn a very difficult lesson:  the American government may be a bunch of pushovers whom they can bully at their will, but transgressing against the music copyright holders will bring Iran to its knees!

Is Dr. Michael Mann Canuckophobic?

Do you remember Dr. Michael Mann?

He is a singularly interesting figure in the world of Anthropogenic Climate Change hypothesis.  (In this comment thread on Bishop Hill blog, the field is referred to as ‘Mann-made Global Warming – lol.)

He was one of the central figures in the leaked CRU emails – and of the ‘hide the decline’ fame. (Here is the song..)

Dr. Mann is also the author of the thoroughly debunked ‘hockey stick’ graph – as demonstrated by Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick.  Dr. Mann has said some very ‘not nice’ things about this statistician and economist…

Two Canadians.


And, he is in the process of suing Dr. Tim Ball – another Canadian!

Aside – this lawsuit is not going well for Dr. Mann:  as part of the discovery process, he has to hand over for courtroom scrutiny the very data he has spent a decade hiding, or face contempt of court charges and a ruling in Dr. Ball’s favour.  Somebody did not think his tactics through…

But, that is not all!

Now, Dr. Mann has decided to sue National Review for the words Mark Steyn wrote there…


With all the critics of Dr. Mann ‘out there’ – why is he picking on the Canadians?

Could it be – CANUCKOPHOBIA?

I don’t know – perhaps we should have someone in the sensitivity training field pay Dr. Mann a little visit, just to be on the safe side…

What about those who think everyone is unfairly picking on poor Dr. Mann?

If you don’t think the vast bulk of the criticism heaped upon him is undeserved, please, consider the following:  his Penn State course information contains the following: (H/T betapug)

GAIA – THE EARTH SYSTEM (EARTH 002, Section 2; 3 credits) with the course schedule for days 37 & 38 is : MOVIE: An Inconvenient Truth (Part 1 and Part 2)


Yes – according to this ‘scientist’, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is Universtiy-level science material!  LOL!!!  When, years ago, I showed it to my kids, my young son actually thought that this movie was made with intentional errors in the science so as to train kids how to spot bad science…and greatly relished pointing the mistakes out!

Come on!

If you want to be taken seriously as a scientist, you really ought to know better than to use such seriously flawed material as a teaching tool…

In other words, perhaps more than any other scientist of our era, Dr. Mann is rather to be ridiculed…perhaps his compulsion for making himself the laughing stock of the scientific community is rooted in the same pathology from which his (potential) Canuckophobia stems.


H/T:  BCF, Bishop Hill, Watts Up With That, Steyn, and many more…

P.S.  It looks like Dr. Mann’s legal fund is backed by George Soros, via  Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and GAP’s Environmental program…this could add a whole new dimension to the conflict.