Omar Khadr protests – 18th of July, 2012

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And here is a comment received at my site about this from someone who, like I, is an immigrant into Canada and wants to preserve the Canada we came to:

‘I was an immigrant to Canada and I proudly stood up at my citizenship ceremony and swore allegiance to Canada, I chose Canada for the freedoms and opportunities. I find it irrehensible for a person born in Canada who goes overseas to fight against Canada and Canadian values; this is tatamount to treason and Mr Khadr should face the full extent of the law; The entire khadr family gave up their right to be called Canadian.If Minister Toews is forced to accept Khadr, then He (Khadr) should be imprisoned for life on the crime of treason.

Keep up the good work and fight to keep Khadr out, even expand the campaign to the rest of his family.’

Excellent coverage of the Toronto event – with pictures – by BlogWrath.


More from BlazingCatfur, including re-printing of a nasty letter condemning the protests – and video of Shobie Kapoor’s speech.

Ezra’s speech over at BCF.

OMNI Edmonton (video).

A report from the Edmonton Sun.

BlazingCatFur reports having returned from the event – and that the  Toronto speakers were excellent.  He even has one photo up.

Free Saudi Liberals

UPDATED on 9th of January, 2015

Raif Badawi had been sentenced to flogging with 1 000 lashes and 5 years in jail.  For more info, click here.

The website is in Arabic, but since it is easy to get translated (not well, but understandably), please, feel free to visit the site ‘Free Saudi Liberals’.

According to Human Rights Watch, that website’s creator Ra’if Badawi has been arrested and charged under the cyber-crimes law for having created and operated this website.  Apparently, providing a forum where people can discuss matters of concern ‘infringes on religious values’.

He is also criminally charged with ‘not obeying his father’…

From Reuters:

‘Court documents show the evidence against Badawi includes a post on the website that asks, “is God unjust?”, sarcastic remarks about the Saudi religious police and a senior scholar, and a post that asks, “why is Saudi’s Grand Mufti blind?”‘

Online political forums are important to society.

And, it is not only in Saudi Arabia that online forums are targeted by censors.  Right here, in Canada, the methods may be civil rather than criminal law, but, the impulse to censor is the same.  At least here, we can help people who are unfairly targeted raise the funds for their defense.

Aerographite: lightest material

This is just so cool!

‘A network of porous carbon tubes that is three-dimensionally interwoven at the nano and micro level is the lightest material in the world. The substance weighs just 0.2 milligrams per cubic centimeter. It is 75 times lighter than Styrofoam. 

Scientists of Kiel University (KU) and Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) named their joint creation aerographite. The researchers describe aerographite as “jet black, remains stable, is electrically conductive, ductile and non-transparent.” ‘


The Dependency Agenda

Once, years ago, I saw an interview with an anti-poverty activist.  She said it was a disgrace that people were living in poverty and that the government must stop it right away.

When asked how she defined ‘living in poverty’, she quickly replied it was the people in the lowest 15% income bracket.

She honestly did not see the problem…

What are the 10 most frightening words in the English language?

“We are from the government – we are here to help!”