The Dependency Agenda

Once, years ago, I saw an interview with an anti-poverty activist.  She said it was a disgrace that people were living in poverty and that the government must stop it right away.

When asked how she defined ‘living in poverty’, she quickly replied it was the people in the lowest 15% income bracket.

She honestly did not see the problem…

What are the 10 most frightening words in the English language?

“We are from the government – we are here to help!”

4 Responses to “The Dependency Agenda”

  1. Jim-Bob Says:

    Yeah…. I like the libertarian version of “help” better. Throw mentally ill, homeless people out of government funded shelters, privatize all public space so that their very presence anywhere is illegal, deny them health care and every other method of sustaining their life …… [libertarian magic box] ……. voila! Now everyone is prosperous and happy!

    Xanthippa says:

    Here, in Ontario, it was the socialist NDP government that threw all the mentally ill people out of hospitals and turned them into homeless people.

  2. Jim-Bob Says:

    Then as a libertarian, you must have really like them for that move. But I’ll bet you were even more of a Mike Harris supporter. Back when I was a teenager and Mike Harris was first elected, my girlfriend was volunteering in transition house for abused women. One of the very first things Mike Harris cut was funding for those kinds of programs. About half the women ended up living on the streets. The other went back to living with their abusive spouses. And even libertarian and conservative in the province cheered.

  3. Jim-Bob Says:

    But it’s better to force vulnerable women out onto the street, or just let them continue to get the shit beaten out of them, then to create “dependency”, right? I bet those women were super terrified when they showed up at the transition house and those evil government funded social workers told them they were there to help….. right?

  4. Jim-Bob Says:

    Yeah…. libertarians always how no comment when you point out how destructive their policies would be. It is because they are cowards at heart.

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