Reason TV: Randy Barnett: Losing Obamacare While Preserving the Constitution

A little on the long side, but a very thought provoking video:

While on the topic of socialized medicare, do read this article about a young man who died in a UK socialized medicare hospital – of THIRST!

The coroner at the inquest into the death of Kane Gorny, a patient who died of thirst in while hospital, has recorded a narrative verdict of dehydration by neglect. His parents say they are “devastated by the number of missed opportunities.”

He could not get up to get a drink himself.

So, he died.

Of thirst.

In a hospital.

Caused by neglect…

Because if you are not the one paying the bill, you are not the customer and it is not you whose needs will be of primary consideration.

Welcome to socialized medicine!

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