Ici Londres: How the Euro killed democracy


The Jihad of Words

In the words of the one and only Inigo Montoya:

Or, if you are more into classical music:

“Because, you know, sometimes words have two meanings…”

It is impossible to hold a meaningful conversation with somebody when you both think you know what the words you are using mean, but in reality, you each subscribe to a completely different meaning of that word.

For example, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood government that had come to power in Egypt following the ‘Arab Spring’ was lead by Morsi’s party, which was called the ‘Freedom and Justice Party’.

Muslim Brotherhood = Freedom and Justice?

Why, yes – if you mean what the Islamists understand these words to mean.

‘Freedom’, according to Koranic sources, is defined as ‘freedom from the laws of men’.  In other words, being ruled by the word god, Allah, alone.

In other words, they understand the word ‘freedom’ to mean the implementation of the Sharia and Sharia alone.

And ‘justice’?

‘Justice’ according to laws of God and God alone:  again, Sharia.

In these people’s mind, the way we use the words ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ is a perversion of their true meaning (Sharia and only Sharia) and we are ‘spreading mischief’ by perverting these words.

And under Sharia, the penalty for ‘spreading mischief’ is death.

A simple way to tell a moderate Muslim from an Islamist is to ask their view on whether Sharia should be implemented in the West.

If they say no, they are here because they are attempting to flee the horrors of life under Sharia and we must do our utmost to protect them, because they will be the first victims of the Islamists.  Many are afraid to speak out, for very real fear that relatives stuck in Islamic countries would be harmed for their words:  Islam is a clan-based culture where you are often held responsible for your relatives actions.

If they say yes, then they are an Islamist who is advocating, in no uncertain terms, the elevation of SHaria above our own laws.  This is treason and our societies must treat it as such.  All advocates of Sharia in the West must be arrested and charged with treason, because that is what trying to replace our laws with Sharia is.

Following is an excellent video.  It is a bit longer than what I usually post, but it is most excellent:

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Growing up as the daughter of a political dissident behind the iron curtain, it would have been just about impossible for me to have not become aware of ‘politics’ from a young age…

And, aware I of politics I did become!  On both the macro and the micro scale.

When I was of kindergarten age, the parents of other kids feared letting their children play with me:  what if someone saw it and noted in their dossier that from an early age, the child had consorted with political undesirables?  It may seem preposterous or paranoid to most people living in our society, but, back then and there, even a small notation like that could prevent a student from being accepted to the school of their choice…

I also started to notice political cartoons in the only newspaper available – the party rag.  Rather, I noticed a change in tone, or tenor, or whatever the roper term is, in the political cartoons.  First, they were contemptuous cartoons depicting a buck-toothed smiling guy.  The others were not contemptuous – even though they were meant as a ridicule, even I could see that the woman they depicted struck true fear into the political people in charge.

The one openly disrespected and ridiculed was Jimmy Carter.

The one clearly feared was Margaret Thatcher.

And that was when I began to admire her!