Free Dominion makes the pages of WorldNetDaily

Free Dominion, the oldest conservative internet discussion forum in Canada, has made the pages of WorldNetDaily!

From the article:

‘Mark Fournier, in a statement on the website, explained that the appeals court has instructed parties to return to Superior Court with expert witnesses who can better inform the court of the many new issues related to the situation.

“Traditional defamation law is badly in need of an update in its application to the Internet,” Mark Fournier wrote.

“Unfortunately, and for reasons we do not understand, the high court ordered us to pay John Baglow $14,000 in costs. It is difficult because the appeals court wants us to help them examine these important issues, yet they placed a financial burden onus that could potentially knock us out of the game. If this happens it will be bad for Canadian Internet users.

“We will remain in an era where Internet arguments will be settled by SLAPP suits and lawfare, and, to us, that is completely unacceptable.”’


The article also lists the link where one can donate to help the Fourniers fund the legal battle to keep our internet speech free and a link to the long list of legal battles the Fourners have already withstood!

Obama to Starship: You didn’t build that city, somebody else made that happen


Genocide in Sudan: Call for Action, Cry for Change

What is happening is Sudan is horrible.

But, what can we do?

Aid workers there get kidnapped – because the method the Sudanese government uses to kill people is to drive them into refugee camps and then deny aid workers access:  people simply starve.  It’s beyond inhuman…

And the slave-trade there is being revived…