Genocide in Sudan: Call for Action, Cry for Change

What is happening is Sudan is horrible.

But, what can we do?

Aid workers there get kidnapped – because the method the Sudanese government uses to kill people is to drive them into refugee camps and then deny aid workers access:  people simply starve.  It’s beyond inhuman…

And the slave-trade there is being revived…


3 Responses to “Genocide in Sudan: Call for Action, Cry for Change”

  1. derek Says:

    The time to decide whether intervention in Syria was necessary is 5 weeks ago.

    Now, not only could the West idly watch one of the most brutal massacres in modern history, but intervening is now far more costly.

    Xanthippa says:

    The situation in Syria is very different – though the civilians caught in the situation are, of course, suffering.


    In Syria, there is an open civil war.

    There are two well equipped armies – one Iran-backed (government forces),the other backed by the Muslim Brotherhood (rebel forces).

    Both sides are brutal and if we, as ‘the West’ or the UN came in on one side or the other, we would become accomplices in the crimes that side is committing.

    Sudan is different: there are government forces massacring largely unarmed civilians, driving them from their homes and burning their crops, funneling them into refugee camps and then, once full, cutting the food supplies from the refugee camps and kidnapping any aid workers why try to help them.

    It is racially-motivated as well as religiously motivated ethnic cleansing of black and/or Christian civilians by a largely Arab/Muslim army.

    A very different situation…

    • derek Says:

      Oh, no doubt that almost any regime change in a region so volatile is only a transfer of power from one oppressor to another. I’m in favor of military intervention for stability, but not for humanitarianism (much less the false of belief of it). Radical islam still dominates the region, and as long as that is in place, the middle east is not ready for change.

  2. derek Says:

    Holy crap. I misread the title as Syria. I must be out of it.

    Still. Military intervention for humanitarian aid, despite intentions, rarely works.

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