More information on the Omar Khadr protests

Wednesday will see demonstrations across Canada of people protesting the return of convicted terrorist Omar Khadr.  I just received this press release from the folks organizing the Edmonton protest:

STOP Khadr Edmonton

Canadian Patriots Unite

Contact: Sharon Maclise                                                                                                                         For Immediate Release
Tel: 780-455-1330

STOP Khadr Edmonton Rally
Wed July 18, 12 noon
Edmonton Law Court Plaza – 10287-99 St

Recent polls suggest a majority* of Canadians are opposed to the return of Omar Khadr because we think he continues to represent a serious threat to the security of our country.

We are concerned Albertans who have joined forces with others of the Canadian Patriotic Society1 across the country – in Toronto, Montreal and Abbotsford – to make our opinion known about this decision. It is important that  dmontonians
are aware that Khadr might chose to live and study here as he has a strong base of local support – his former Lawyer Dennis Edney; English Prof’s Arlette Zinck at Kings University and Janice Williamson at UofA; Edmonton Journal Editorial Writer Shelia Pratt and Columnist Paula Simons – have all written glowing testimonials for Khadr.

Al Qaeda declared a “War on Terror” against many western countries including Canada and it is a threat that needs to be taken seriously. Khadr remains a dangerous threat because of his radical family and Al-Qaeda roots, plus he has not been de-radicalized at Gitmo. If he returns and is going to be released we believe a case can be made to have him charged with Treason for “assist[ing] an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian
Forces are engaged in hostilities”2. To support that we plan on a public petition asking the Government of Canada to bring this charge against Khadr.


If you would like more information about this Event, or would like to schedule an interview with Sharon Maclise – please email your requests to

* May 25, 2012 – Sun News: Close the Door Media. “53% of Canadians oppose the return of Omar Khadr” Abacus Data Poll. .

1) Canadian Patriotic Society – Contact: Shobie Kapoor c 647-500-5192
W: E:

2) Criminal Code of Canada, Section 46 (1) c – Definition of High Treason.

3 Responses to “More information on the Omar Khadr protests”

  1. diane1976 Says:

    You people should be ashamed. You know nothing about Canadian democratic values or traditions and you probably know little about this case either.

  2. diane1976 Says:

    You people should be ashamed. You either know little about this case or you know nothing about Canadian values, law and traditions.

    Xanthippa says:

    Oh, are we picking on the immigrants now?

    Just because I am an immigrant into Canada does not mean I do not know anything about Canadian values, law and traditions!!!

    Yes, it is perhaps unusual that an immigrant like myself should criticize a Canadian-by-birth like Omar Khadr for being a danger to our Candian society!

    Except that – he is!!!

    Just because Khadr was born in Canada does not make him more Canadian than I am!!! He should get no special treatment, just because of the nature of his birth!!!!

    He is no less subject to Canadian law than I, as an immigrant, am.

    Before I am anything else, I am a mother.

    My children live here.

    One of my sons was seriously physically attacked at school (and was only saved by by-standers – though he was quite injured) in what the police determined to be a ‘racially-motivated-hate-crime’!!! An attack committed by a group of his pro-Sharia classmates – because he helped a Muslim classmate with her Math homework.

    Yet, I know those attacks were un-Canadian!

    Because the Canada I chose to bear and raise my children in is a place that values freedom and free choice – and does not permit some girls to be treated like chattel, just because their parents/brothers happen to be pro-Sharia! Where smart students are beaten and injured for helping their classmates in grade 7 understand Mathematics!!!

    I CHOSE Canada as the best place in the world to raise my kids in – precisely because of Canadian values, laws and traditions!

    One of my best friends came to Canada, seeking refuge from the evil that is Sharia!!!

    Because the core Canadian value is freedom – not slavery to the community of one’s birth!

    I would rather die than see these Canadian values sacrificed on the altar of political correctness!!!

    Anti-immigrant hypocrites like you make me sick!

  3. Rich Says:

    I was an immigrant to Canada and I proudly stood up at my citizenship ceremony and swore allegiance to Canada, I chose Canada for the freedoms and opportunities. I find it irrehensible for a person born in Canada who goes overseas to fight against Canada and Canadian values; this is tatamount to treason and Mr Khadr should face the full extent of the law; The entire khadr family gave up their right to be called Canadian.If Minister Toews is forced to accept Khadr, then He (Khadr) should be imprisoned for life on the crime of treason.

    Keep up the good work and fight to keep Khadr out, even expand the campaign to the rest of his family.

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