Tania Groth of For Freedom Denmark interview, day after Christmas March

The Hajj – Czech Style

Humour is the best medicine.  It is also the best weapon against bullies, totalitarians, or anyone who takes themselves too seriously.  Perhaps that is why humour is one of the first things curtailed when freedom of speech is threatened.

We have seen various comedians in the US lament how Political Correctness is preventing them from performing on college campuses.

We have seen Canadian comedians fined thousands of dollars for telling a politically incorrect joke.

We have seen German comedians charged and threatened with extradition to Turkey for authoring a humorous poem about Recep Erdoğan.

We know we are not far from the days when Socialist Regimes on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain would routinely jail people for telling jokes

Well, some of us know…

Perhaps those who lived behind the Iron Curtain remember it better than most of us. Perhaps that is why they cherish their Freedom of Speech and why they use humour to ensure it does not become as eroded as it has become in much of The West.

And Czechs do love their humour.  It is therefore not surprising that Dr. Martin Konvicka, a brave patriot who is fighting to preserve his cultural heritage – and his freedom of speech – and his organization IMK (Iniciativa Martina Konvicky) have turned to humour to deliver their message.

And deliver it they did!

On August 21st, Czechs mark the anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union of and the rest of their Warsaw Pact ‘allies’.  This invasion had ended the liberalization of Czechoslovakia, called Prague Spring (after which the Arab Spring freedom movement was named), and was opposed by the vast majority of the population.  Yet, when it became clear that the invaders were going to succeed in rolling back the progress towards liberalism and that hard socialism would indeed be imposed, many people had started licking the heels of their oppressors in order to improve their social status.

Now, Europe is experiencing a very different type of an invasion:  millions of young, strong, able-bodied Muslims are flooding in, falsely claiming to be fleeing war, and imposing Sharia restrictions on the Freedom of Speech through threats of violence and massacres should the local governments refuse to impose them.  And there is absolute proof that these people are not poor refugees fleeing war:  some of the ones who had already been granted asylum in Europe – and living off of government subsidies – are also holidaying in their countries of origin.

Dr. Konvicka and IMK took the opportunity to draw parallels between the two invasions:  the  invasion of Czechoslovakia by their socialist brothers on the one hand and the Muslim invasion on the other.  And the anniversary of the Warsaw Pact occupation was the perfect occasion!




As you can see from the videos above, it was a fun skit, people were enjoying it, except for the few who disagreed with the message – and who were not afraid to say so…which they would presumably be if they had thought this really was ISIS.  Despite all of this evidence, Czech and International media corporations have universally reported panic, injuries and havoc…

And that is why you have to go to the blogosphere to see what had actually happened.

Following this street theatre, Dr. Konvicka was kind enough to grant this interview:

As you can see, humour is an effective tool to use against totalitarians of all stripes (or stars).

After the skit, many ‘Progressive’ politicians demanded an investigation into how Dr. Konvicka had managed to get a permit to stage this skit, calling for the bureaucrat who had granted it to be fired and Mr. Konvicka to be charged with something.  Anything!  Spreading false news, perhaps?  (Would this not apply even more to the mainstream media?)

Well, there is still some sanity in Czech and the investigation had concluded just last week and found that everything was fine, and nobody has to get fired or charged with anything.  Even more sanity:  a judge has just dismissed all charges against the protesters who had carried gallows during last year’s anti-migrant demonstrations.

And Dr. Konvicka is far from being done.  To mark the 15th anniversary of the Islamic attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, he held a demonstration in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Prague:


The event took place on the 11th of September, 2016, in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Prague, from 2 pm until it had been disbanded about 30 minutes later.

The large sign behind Dr. Konvicka, hanging on the Saudi Embassy fence, has a delightful little rhyme:






Dr. Konvicka was not the only one to speak at this demonstration.  Beata Radosa, a former Muslima who explained that she used to believe that a hijab would keep her modesty and protect her from sexual harassment.  When wearing the hijab did not protect her from harassment by Muslim men, she began to loose her faith and eventually left Islam. Now, she is an activist and a blogger.  Her site (in Czech) is called Women Against Islam.

In her above-linked post, she points out that the Magister’s office warned them against using the port-a-potty to represent the Ka’aba…even though this was not specified in the permit application.  This can only bring us to one conclusion:  in the minds of the Magister’s office bureaucrats, the Ka’aba and a port-a-potty are closely  related.

And, she writes, the Port-a-Ka’aba was such a danger to public safety that a whole squad of police in riot gear had to come and monitor the situation.

Martin Vitek was the third speaker and he pointed out some negative aspects of Islam and how they are connected to Saudi Arabia.

Then came the street theatre, until, that is, uniformed police officers pulled the plug on it and heavily armoured police officers arrived to let everyone know they are willing to use force on unarmed citizens if they don’t obey the order fast enough.  Photos of the armoured police dispersing the citizens are at this Czech language site.

The lesson of the day?  ‘Piss Christ’ is art, ‘Dung Madonna’ is art, but ‘Port-a-Ka’aba’ is hate speech.  And the Czech Republic, despite being one of the most enlightened societies, is perfectly willing to use physical force to curb speech it does not like.

Czechs are, however a tenacious peoples.  (Is it still allowed to say that or is that now racist?)  Dr. Konvicka and IMK are planning more activities:  on September 17, 2016, and on November 17, 2016.

Stay tuned, dear readers, for what is coming next!



Upper Silesia demonstration against mass migration

In the meantime, Polish media is as guilty of misleading reports about this protest as our Western Corporate media are.  I just wish WordPress could embed LiveLeak videos (or that I figured out how – if you know, please, tell me!!!)

Thus, the best I can do is include the links.



As always – ask yourself why do you have to go to a blog to learn this information?

Translation is by yours truly.

H/T – Vlad Tepes

Omar Khadr protests – 18th of July, 2012

This post will continue to be updated as information comes in – newest on top.

And here is a comment received at my site about this from someone who, like I, is an immigrant into Canada and wants to preserve the Canada we came to:

‘I was an immigrant to Canada and I proudly stood up at my citizenship ceremony and swore allegiance to Canada, I chose Canada for the freedoms and opportunities. I find it irrehensible for a person born in Canada who goes overseas to fight against Canada and Canadian values; this is tatamount to treason and Mr Khadr should face the full extent of the law; The entire khadr family gave up their right to be called Canadian.If Minister Toews is forced to accept Khadr, then He (Khadr) should be imprisoned for life on the crime of treason.

Keep up the good work and fight to keep Khadr out, even expand the campaign to the rest of his family.’

Excellent coverage of the Toronto event – with pictures – by BlogWrath.


More from BlazingCatfur, including re-printing of a nasty letter condemning the protests – and video of Shobie Kapoor’s speech.

Ezra’s speech over at BCF.

OMNI Edmonton (video).

A report from the Edmonton Sun.

BlazingCatFur reports having returned from the event – and that the  Toronto speakers were excellent.  He even has one photo up.

More information on the Omar Khadr protests

Wednesday will see demonstrations across Canada of people protesting the return of convicted terrorist Omar Khadr.  I just received this press release from the folks organizing the Edmonton protest:

STOP Khadr Edmonton

Canadian Patriots Unite

Contact: Sharon Maclise                                                                                                                         For Immediate Release
Tel: 780-455-1330
Email: skymac@telus.net

STOP Khadr Edmonton Rally
Wed July 18, 12 noon
Edmonton Law Court Plaza – 10287-99 St

Recent polls suggest a majority* of Canadians are opposed to the return of Omar Khadr because we think he continues to represent a serious threat to the security of our country.

We are concerned Albertans who have joined forces with others of the Canadian Patriotic Society1 across the country – in Toronto, Montreal and Abbotsford – to make our opinion known about this decision. It is important that  dmontonians
are aware that Khadr might chose to live and study here as he has a strong base of local support – his former Lawyer Dennis Edney; English Prof’s Arlette Zinck at Kings University and Janice Williamson at UofA; Edmonton Journal Editorial Writer Shelia Pratt and Columnist Paula Simons – have all written glowing testimonials for Khadr.

Al Qaeda declared a “War on Terror” against many western countries including Canada and it is a threat that needs to be taken seriously. Khadr remains a dangerous threat because of his radical family and Al-Qaeda roots, plus he has not been de-radicalized at Gitmo. If he returns and is going to be released we believe a case can be made to have him charged with Treason for “assist[ing] an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian
Forces are engaged in hostilities”2. To support that we plan on a public petition asking the Government of Canada to bring this charge against Khadr.


If you would like more information about this Event, or would like to schedule an interview with Sharon Maclise – please email your requests to skymac@telus.net.

* May 25, 2012 – Sun News: Close the Door Media. “53% of Canadians oppose the return of Omar Khadr” Abacus Data Poll. http://abacusdata.ca/2012/05/25/sun-news-close-the-door-to-khadr-canadians-say .

1) Canadian Patriotic Society – Contact: Shobie Kapoor c 647-500-5192
W: http://canadianpatrioticsociety.blogspot.ca/ E: canadianpatrioticsociety@gmail.com

2) Criminal Code of Canada, Section 46 (1) c – Definition of High Treason.

McGuinty tax protest: 28th of August, 2010

Where:  Premier Dalton McGinty’s Ottawa office at 1795 Infanticide Kilborn Ave.

When:  Saturday, 28th of August, 2010, 12 noon to 2 pm

17th of July, 2010, several hundred highly disgruntled Ontario taxpayers showed up at Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Ottawa office to show their displeasure (to put it mildly) at the illegal taxes which Premier McGuinty permitted an unelected board made up of industry members to levy directly on the Ontarians.

Two brave and energetic ladies organized this protest:  Debbie Jodoin and Shirley Mosley.  There were a few print media guys, but the only video was shot by ‘people’, not the media.  I took some photos at the protest, posted here and here.

The protest was part of a greater wave of dissatisfaction with Dalton McGuinty’s disrespectful conduct towards the Ontario Taxpayers – and it was successful.   Debbie and Shirley lead the vocal Ottawa faction of citizens whose patience with Mr. McGuinty’s antics had run out to another protest on August 7th, this time held in front of another (in my never-humble-opinion) crooked Ottawa politician’s office – Bob Chiarelli, who is currently McGuinty’s Minister of Communications (and, I suspect, the sleaziest, most despicable, most contemptible person in Ottawa – but my reasons for thinking this are secrets which are not mine to reveal, no matter how much I am itching to).

This second protest attracted greater attention:  more media coverage (though, most TV cameras showed up early and left before most of the protesters arrived) as well as more politicians showed up, from Lisa McLeod to many candidates for the Ottawa Council.  Even a young man who ran out of power (of the battery kind) came all the way from Premier McGuinty’s office to monitor and report.

Also spotted among the protesters were some card-carrying members of the Liberal Party (recognized by some of their neighbours who also attended):  it seems that it is not just people who would be unlikely to vote for McGuinty, but also people who make up  the core of his voters are getting fed up with McGuinty’s policies of treating Ontarians with contempt.

Curiously, unlike the first protest, the second one had no visible police presence.

Photos from the August 7th protest are here, here and here.

I have also taken the opportunity to muse on the topic – even if only ‘theoretically’.  My post wondering if governments have the ‘right’ to collect taxes forcibly (as opposed to voluntary) has sparked perhaps the longest and deepest ‘comment section’ of any of my posts so far.  And, I have posted a story about a man who refused to submit himself to serfdom – hoping to illustrate some of the similarities between robota – ‘serfdom’ – and the current system of mandatory taxes, where governments have usurped unto themselves the right to suspend civil liberties when it comes to collecting taxes…

The next demonstration will take place this coming Saturday, August 28th, from noon to 2 pm at Premier McGuinty’s constituency office.  Circumstances permitting, I plan to be there.  And, I’ll let you know how it went – perhaps even post some photos.

If you are going to be in the Ottawa area this Saturday, I hope to see you there!