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Walter E. Williams: What Happened to America?


Walter E Williams – Social Justice vs Self Ownership

From first principles, there can be no other conclusion that non-voluntary taxation/deprivation of any individual of the fruits of their labour (i.e. violating their property rights) is, in fact, a form of slavery.

Let’s not forget that under the feudal system of serfdom, at the beginning, the workload required of the serf was relatively light:  for example, in Poland, it was 1/2 day per week of labour per adult serf.  But, as time went on, this amount kept creeping up and up, until, between the work required of the serfs for their lord and the Church, all adults and children laboured 6 days a week, from sundown to sunset.

With the growth of our government, forced taxation will inevitably lead to the same level of oppression!

Oh, you say, but we have more personal freedom than serfs ever did.

Perhaps, for now.

After all, the lord could control who may or may not travel (no fly list, anyone? … try to cross a border without a passport), the guilds controlled strictly who may or may not practice which trade (try practicing a trade without a license now – under Ontario’s new regulations, you may not even cut another person’s hair without first being accredited by and paying license fees to the government) and you could only live where your lord permitted you to (try building a house on your own property in Ontario – good luck!)

Worth a thought, isn’t it…

Not all taxes are created equal

Here is a video which explains – really well – why some taxes are more destructive than others.

For example, a 50% tax on capital gains means an effective tax rate of over 95%…

Daniel Hannan: Tax is not the answer

He mentioned Regan and Thatcher and lowering taxes in ‘the big EU room':  I suspect that the only reason he did not get lynched by the socialists there is because the room was, as usual, almost empty!

Ezra Levant rolls with the Tides…


VisionVictory: ‘Public Unions vs. Unorganized Taxpayers: There Will Be Blood’


Anti-McGuinty rally in Ottawa on the 23rd of October, 2010

Debbie, Shirley and Ruth are at it again!

WHEN:     Saturday, 23rd of October 2010

WHERE:  Dalton McGuinty’s constituency office, 1795 Kilborn Ave., Ottawa

TIME:       11:30 am to 1:00 pm

(Though, if the media show up with their cameras, they do so 19-15 minutes early… and report the number of protesters based on that!)

In Debbie Jodoin’s words:

Let’s send him a very strong message that we are tired of being taxed to death.


That just about sums it up…

So, if you are not happy with the McGuiny gang and how they are wrecking Ontario, come out and be heard!


Eco-Tax Rally: Saturday, 18th of September 2010

Where:  Jim Watson’s campaign office, 1355 Richmond Rd.

Time:  12 noon

Date:   18th of September, 2010

Here is the email from Debbie Jodoin, one of the protest organizers, announcing the rally:

“Are you tired of Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals taking money out of your pockets?

Maybe you are tired of Dalton and the Ontario Liberals playing hide and sneak with your tax dollars?

Or, maybe you are just tired of Dalton and all his broken promises.

Come out at 12:00 pm, Saturday, Sept 18th to Jim Watson’s Campaign office . 1355 Richmond Road.

Let’s ask Mr Watson about his 6 and half years as a Cabinet Minister under Dalton McGuinty.

He has to be held accountable for our high provinical taxes.

Bring your signs, bring your water, bring your chairs and show Dalton he can no longer take advantage of us.


Photos from August 28th at Dalton McGuinty’s constituency office – part 2

The August 28th protest in front of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s office drew quite a crowd – as well as relatively heavy police presence.

At the first protest, held July 17th (photos here), there were 2 squad cars, with 2 cops each.

At the second protest, which was not held at Dalton’s McGuinty’s constituency office but at Bob Chiarelli’s (he is the Ontario Government’s Minister of Communications), there was no visible police presence at all.  (Photos/write-up are here and here.)

At this third protest, the police were highly visible.  Like at the first one, there were 2 squad cars with 2 officers each.  However, in addition to these, there was also a paddy-wagon – just in case any protesters did not obey the rules and regulations….

Perhaps the presence of the paddy-wagon was anticipated, because this crowd is so very disruptive and destructive….  Leaving the last protest, I actually saw one of the protesters stop and pick up pieces of trash (an old pop-can, I think) which he saw on the ground on his way back to his car – oh, yes, these people are a menace to a neighbourhood!

Suzanne, from BigBlueWave, was at the protest and kindly sent me a link to the video she took of Debbie Jodoin speaking about the intimidation:

Permit me to put this into context:

Imagine that the Prime Minster’s Executive Assistant took it upon himself to send an email to your work – yourself, your co-workers and your employer(!), directed to you, advising you to remember the parking bylaws on your street…and even admonishing you to to ‘be mindful of your neighbours and their inconvenience, if you park in a way that might inconvenience them!

Then, that same Exacutive Assistant from the Prime Minister’s office went door-to-door, talking to your neighbours, asking them if you and your parking habits are inconveniencing them.

And to top it off, when you got home, imagine that there were a couple of cops – with a paddy-wagon ready to drag you off in, watching all your moves, where you parked, how you parked, how long you parked for….

Would that not be intimidating?

Well, Dalton McGuinty and his EA have about as much jurisdiction over this protest as  the Prime Minister and his EA have over parking bylaws:  neither the leader of the Provincial Government nor the leader of the Federal Government have any jurisdiction over municipal bylaws!

They are not responsible for them to be enforced – and it is certainly not their place to ‘remind’ law-abiding citizens to be good little slaves and obey them!

If the above comparison does not demonstrate just how intimidating this action is, think about it in these terms:

WHEN is it not intimidating for a political leader (or his EA, with the official ‘from the office of’ thingy) to send your employer an email in which he admonishes you not to break the law?

And that does not even address the content of the letter…which demands that we all agree that our unalienable right to free speech is a ‘privilege’!

But, I have already ranted on that…

One more thing:  the ‘request’ from ‘above’ was that we do not go on the road (duh!), or the lane in front of the mall, or any of the sidewalks – because that would ‘block traffic’ and interfere with the businesses livelihood.  In other words, we were to stand on the ‘lawn’.

Do you know what the ‘lawn’ at Dalton McGuinty’s office is composed of?


He bloody told us to go stand in ragweed! (I still have the blisters on my feet to prove it – oh, and this picture of the ‘lawn’.)

Because, this is how much the businesses were ‘blocked’ and ‘inconvenienced’ by the protesters:

I actually went into that little corner store to buy a bottle of water – it was hot!  The lady at the cash did not bother to get off the phone while serving me….and made it a point NOT to meet my eyes.  I am an Aspie – and rather aware of these things (as they are not ‘natural’ to me and I do not want to give offense – so I try WAY harder at them than most people – she had to work very hard indeed to avoid meeting my eyes).  But, she made up for it in rude brusqueness, tossing my change onto the counter contemptuously and turning her back to me.

If this is how they treat their paying customers, no wonder this business is not seeing much traffic.

At least the water was nice!

As you see – people tried their best not to stand on the pavement.

Shirley Mosley

Nick Vandergragt spoke well and pationately:

He pointed out how wonderful and tolerant a country we live in – even though this is a protest against Premier McGuinty and his policies, the young man sent from his office to monitor and record us was given the best, front-row spot and could record unmolested:  and so it SHOULD be!

That is what our veterans like Bert fought for!

But, Mr. Vandergragt had a very important point:  the problem with the McGuinty Government (or, as some people call it, the McGuilty Gang) and their ilk is not just the individual scandals – it is their whole mindset t hat is deeply flawed!  And, put into practice, their ideas are destructive beyond imagination!

I concur.

Perhaps you would like to ear the words of Bert, a 94-year-old veteran who tells it like it is (as recorded by VideoManOttawa):

The cops remained vigilant:

But the firefighters driving by gave us a thumbs up!  (I do not use the term ‘firefighter’ because I am politically correct, but because to me ‘fireman’ will always be someone who burns books – blame Ray Bradbury!)

VideoManOttawa was there with his trusty video camera and he has posted the videos on YouTube.  They are here, here, here, here, here,here, here,also here and here (including speeches by the municipal election candidates), here (Nick Vandergragt), here,here, and here.



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