Omar Khadr protests – 18th of July, 2012

This post will continue to be updated as information comes in – newest on top.

And here is a comment received at my site about this from someone who, like I, is an immigrant into Canada and wants to preserve the Canada we came to:

‘I was an immigrant to Canada and I proudly stood up at my citizenship ceremony and swore allegiance to Canada, I chose Canada for the freedoms and opportunities. I find it irrehensible for a person born in Canada who goes overseas to fight against Canada and Canadian values; this is tatamount to treason and Mr Khadr should face the full extent of the law; The entire khadr family gave up their right to be called Canadian.If Minister Toews is forced to accept Khadr, then He (Khadr) should be imprisoned for life on the crime of treason.

Keep up the good work and fight to keep Khadr out, even expand the campaign to the rest of his family.’

Excellent coverage of the Toronto event – with pictures – by BlogWrath.


More from BlazingCatfur, including re-printing of a nasty letter condemning the protests – and video of Shobie Kapoor’s speech.

Ezra’s speech over at BCF.

OMNI Edmonton (video).

A report from the Edmonton Sun.

BlazingCatFur reports having returned from the event – and that the  Toronto speakers were excellent.  He even has one photo up.

7 Responses to “Omar Khadr protests – 18th of July, 2012”

  1. Jim-Bob Says:

    From the Charter:

    “Mobility of citizens
    6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.”

    Why do you hate our fundamental rights? Why do you hate Canada?

    I propose that all non-citizen conservative bigots like you be deported from the country immediately.

    Xanthippa says:

    Oh, sure – go tell me, the immigrant, to get out of the country!

    Way to take the high road!

  2. Jim-Bob Says:

    Well, you are devoted BCF fan…. so I figured you would respond well to vicious, vile, bigoted and personal attacks based on sweeping generalizations about groups of people.

  3. Jim-Bob Says:

    Don’t forgot, you have called it an act of humanitarianism to call for the banning of immigration to Canada for Muslims. If you don’t want to play in the gutter, you shouldn’t have crawled into it.

    Xan says:

    Yes, because suggesting that convicted criminals serve their time in jail and that people who commit treason get charged with it is ‘crawling into the gutter’.

    I see where you are coming from…

    • Jim-Bob Says:

      That is not what is being argued. What is being argued is that a child soldier who was illegally detained without due process for almost a decade, and then “convicted” in a “court” with restricted due process based on “confessions” shoudl be denied serving his jail time in the country of his citizenship contrary to his constitutional rights, and that his citizenship should be revoked without due process. Though that does make you a disgusting human being, it is really your support of bigot who argue for excluding immigrants based on their religion that makes you a true gutter crawler.

      Xanthippa says:

      Except, of course, that that is exactly what is being argued!

      IF you actually take the time to read the UN’s own rules about how Khadr was to be treated in exactly the situation he was in, you will see that not a single one of his rights has, in fact, been infringed.

      To the contrary: the US military would have been fully within the UN rules had they summarily executed him on the spot.

      But, they did’t.

      They provided him with medical care that saved his life and his eyesight.

      Then, they treated him according to the UN rules on how hostile, non-uniformed combatants are to be treated: detained until hostilities cease.

      Frankly, it is difficult to understand how a person who cares about civilians – as I presume you to do, as you have stated in the past you care about battered wives – would fail to understand why the UN’s laws were drawn up specifically to protect civilians from being used as meat-shields by non-uniformed combatants, which is what Khadr did.

      According to the UN rules, he has, through his actions which endanger civilians caught up in a battle-zone, forfeited any protections under the law afforded to POW’s or anyone else!

      His treatment so far should, if anything, be condemned as being too lenient. Remember that these rules were drafted specifically with the aim to strip non-uniformed combatants of any rights in order to discourage combatants from hiding among the civilian population – in order to protect the civilian population! The protections for POWs were also drafted specifically in order to ensure that combatants would indeed seek to fight according to the rules of war (uniform, command structure etc.) in order to, if they are captured, be afforded these protections under the law.

      Either, you lack the knowledge required to assess this situation, in which case, I suggest you educate yourself.

      Or, you are fully aware of the incorrectness of your position but maintain it for political gain. If this is the case, then our obfuscation of the facts in this matter is contemptible and shows you have more regard for political rhetoric than for actual rule of law or the well-being of the civilians trapped in the killing zone in Afghanistan.

      You should hang your head in shame!

      • Jim-Bob Says:

        If you want to believe that the just and humane thing to do to a child soldier is to imprison him in a concentration camp known to torture suspects and to hold him there without due process for a decade, after which his country of citizenship should strip the (now ex-)child soldier of said citizenship without due process….. please continue. However, I don’t believe for a second that you would apply these procedures to any non-Muslim child soldiers. This whole canmpaign is transparently part of the general Muslim hate movement you subscribe to. It is laughable for a bigot like you to tell anyone to hang their head in shame.

      • Jim-Bob Says:

        Further, our own supreme court has found that Khadr was subject to sleep deprivation techniques in a way that violated his consitutional rights. Of course, most people would consider that torture, but because he is a Muslim, conservatives and libertarians see nothing wrong with this. They also see nothing wrong with Khadr’s “confessions”, despite the fact that he was subject to this torture and torture has always been a means of extracting false confessions. The conservative/libertarian answer to the fact that our highest court has ruled that a child was tortured in contravention of his constitutional rights: who cares! He’s a Muslim!

  4. Jim-Bob Says:

    You know…. we actually share a number of viewpoints. I, too, think that multiculturalism can be dangerous in some respects, and that decent Canadians should be able to control immigration laws to maintain their culture. As a fourth generation Canadian, me and my fellow decent and hard-working Canadians do not want a culture of hatred and bigotry taking over the country we love. That is why bigots like you should be excluded from immigrating to Canada and all current permanent resident bigots like you should be immiedately deported.

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