In Solidarity with Persecuted Minorities

A big rally was held in Ottawa yesterday, the 6th of September, 2014, to show support for the minorities – religious and ethnic – in the Levant.  And to voice the outrage at what the barbaric Islamic State criminals are doing…

(At the 2:19 mark, you can see yours truly holding up a sign “In solidarity with persecuted Iraqi Christians we stand”.)

Here were a few good speeches:

It was an interesting rally – they even had an imam speak (that went well and he unequivocally condemned violence against Christians) and a representative for a second imam speak.

It was with this second Muslim speaker that I had great difficulty.

Not only did he employ the ‘usual’ linguistic tricks that we have come to expect from Islamists and Sharia supremacists (like never condemning violence against Christians and/or Yazidis but only condemning ‘violence against innocents’*), he went on to foment hate against atheists.

Yes, while he was there ostensibly to condemn hateful crimes against religious minorities, he took the time to equate the Islamic State butchers to atheists and to say that both are equal to each other.

And the organizer of the rally called it ‘an excellent speech’!

No wonder they did not have even one atheist speaker!!!

So there I was, getting sunburned as I, a person of no faith, showed support for religious minorities and condemn violence against them – and the organizer of the shindig agrees with a speaker who equates me with the evil I am protesting.  I felt awful – betrayed.  It just goes to show that the only time religionists will stop killing each other and unite together is to take down those of us who prefer listening to reason rather than imaginary friends.

I’m afraid this was a bit of a downer…


* In Islam, every person is considered to be born as a Muslim, knowing intrinsically that Islam is the only religion.  If that person is then raised in a faith other that Islam, they are said to have committed the crime of apostasy – of leaving Islam.  (This is why one cannot become a ‘convert’ to Islam, they say one is a ‘re-vert’ to Islam because one is returning to their original faith.)  And Leaving Islam is a crime – so Christian and other non-Muslims are not ‘innocent’.  When Sharia supremacists condemn the slaughter of ‘innocents’, they are very deliberately excluding non-Muslims from the list of people whose slaughter they are condemning.


Support for Israel from around the world









For hundreds more, just look up pro-Israel Rally on YouTube.

The pro-Israel protesters are acting well, supporting peace and freedom for all in the Middle East.

Contrast that with the violence – both in words and actions – that accompanies the anti-Israel protests:  shouts of ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘Hitler was right!’ and calls for ethnic cleansing of the whole world to commit a genocide against Jews…  Here is just one example from hundreds:

The violence that is committed against Jewish targets outside of Israel, against people who may or may not be Zionists themselves but are definitely Jews demonstrates beyond any doubt that these are not anti-Zionists or people who are critical of the policies of the nation state of Israel:  this is anti-Semitic Jew hatred, pure and unadulterated by compassion or reason.



Ezra Levant – Charges laid against Calgary anti-Israel thugs, more to come

From Sun News:

From Ezra Levant’s email:

Dear Alexandra,

Today the Calgary Police Service charged three pro-Hamas rioters with assault, and are seeking a fourth suspect.

You’ll remember that disgraceful riot – on July 18th, right outside Calgary’s City Hall, a mob of pro-Palestinian thugs beat up an entire Canadian family while shouting “death to the Jews”.

That was bad enough. But even worse, Calgary’s police were nowhere to be seen. This was right downtown – right outside City Hall. But the police just weren’t there.

For that one moment, it was more like Gaza than Canada – mob rule, not the rule of law.

Calgary’s civic leaders let us down – both the police chief and the mayor downplayed the incident, refusing to call it a riot, and being willfully blind to the anti-Semitic nature of the violence.

So you and I stepped in to fill the gap.

We set up a petition, where literally thousands of Calgarians and other Canadians demanded criminal charges, and a clear denunciation of the riots. It was the largest petition ever received by the Calgary Police Commission.

We raised funds online to hire a lawyer for the riot victims, to help them navigate the police bureaucracy.

We held a massive pro-Canada, pro-Israel, pro-freedom rally on the steps of City Hall – proving that pro-Hamas thugs don’t control the city’s streets.

And, when criminal charges still had not come after two full weeks, we set up a website called — based on the Crime Stoppers model. We showed pictures and video of six rioters and offered a $500 reward to anyone who could give us information about their identity.

Within half a day, we received quality tips on four of the suspects that we immediately passed on to police. But we did not make this news public, so as not to tip off the suspects and interfere with the police investigation.

Well, three charges were laid today, and a fourth is expected as soon as tomorrow.

We will continue to hunt for more suspects on our website.

But this is a major step forward in bringing these violent rioters to justice.

I should mention that the two street cops on this file have been exemplary. I’m talking about police who spend their time fighting crime, not playing politics like the chief. They have taken a meticulous approach, and were closing in on these suspects even before we sent in our tips. Our tips merely came from someone sleuthing the Internet – something the police obviously did too.

I’m sure they would have got these suspects. But I’m equally sure that the public message sent by our rally, our petition and us finding the suspect ourselves added positive pressure to the police chief to do the right thing this time – and not sweep this all under the carpet.

So thank you: to Calgary’s finest, for laying the charges. And to Canada’s finest: you, the viewers of the Sun News Network, who have signed the petitions, raised the funds for these projects, and smoked out four of the suspects.

Here’s my special edition of the Source that I taped tonight right after the police laid the charges. And please visit The police haven’t found everyone yet – let’s give them a hand.

Yours gratefully,

Ezra Levant




Ontario Energy protests – 4th of April, 2014

UPDATE:  Videos are being added as they come out – just scroll down!

Today, across Ontario, people took to the streets to protest our Provincial government’s mismanagement of our energy supply, which has resulted in doubling or more of our energy costs…with more cost increases coming soon.

Living in Ottawa, I came to the protest nearest me:  at Bob Chiarelli’s constituency office, on the corned of Carling and Woodrooffe.

And what a protest it was!!!

While I’ve heard radio reports of ‘more than  300 people’, and while the numbers did fluctuate over time, at the height of the protest, my count put the crowd at somewhere between 500 and 600 people and dogs.  (Yes, there were cute doggies in the crowd.)

Right away, I saw some familiar faces – Ruth and Beth (frequent callers to CFRA’s Lowel Green show – a couple of fine ladies who are not afraid to speak their minds), there was Debbie J., and Gordon and Jeremy and many, many other familiar faces. A strong contingent from the Landowners’ Association – and a petition against rising hydro costs by Randy Hillier was circulated.   But, there were also people I’ve never seen at any of the protests I’ve been to – a lot of younger people than usual, despite this being a Friday noon protest.

The weather was icky and the wind was sharp and bitterly cold – which is probably why the size of the crowd fluctuated as people snuck off to their cars to warm up, then came back.

The organizers of the rally – led by Beth Trudeau from the Canadians for Language Fairness – ought to be very proud of the fine job they did!

They had a makeshift platform set up, with a bullhorn – and they had a  large number of excellent speakers.

Lisa MacLeod and I have had our differences, but, I give credit where credit is due:  not only had Lisa done a most excellent job following this issue as the Energy Critic, she also came out and spoke at this rally.  I wish I could have heard better what she was saying, but I only caught snippets of it as at that moment I was on the median of Carling Avenue, and rather far from the podium.  But, Lisa did notice me and waved to me and I waved back, acknowledging the great job she’s been doing following this issue and not letting go.

There were other speakers – politicians, journalists, citizens.  One guy told us how he had just started a family and his energy bills were driving him out of his home and into an apartment.  Another urged people not to vote for any political party, as they do not differ that much from each other:  we need real people in government, not career politicians!

I also got up and spoke a few words of encouragement to support all the people standing up and saying enough is enough, we will not suffer energy poverty!

All in all, it was very exciting, but I underestimated the wind and turned into a bit of an icicle…

Still, I think this protest was not the end – rather, just the beginning of the wave of unrest as people refuse to be reduced to energy serfdom.


Here are some videos from today:



Toronto’s Moderate Muslims protest against all terrorism

To all of you who’ve been asking where are all the moderate Muslim voices are who condemn all forms of terrorism:  yesterday, the 9th of June, 2013, they were in Toronto!

Dodo has the story.  And the pictures!

It is good to see – and we must give these guys all the support we can. They are brave and we must let them know that we will not permit their voices to be silenced by the militants – that we are prepared to defend them, protect them and give them the platform to speak.

And,  when our elected representatives are looking for voices from the Muslim community for consultation, we should demand that they talk to these Canadians first!!!


“Free Amina!” – Femen stage a protest in front of a Tunisian court


The ‘Amina’ in question is Amina Tyler, a Tunisian member of Femen.  (I have written about her here.)  She had posted a topless photo of herself on FaceBook with the Arabic words for ‘My body is my own’ written across her chest.  Her family had her committed to a mental institution, she ran away and now she is facing charges of indecency.

So, the day before her trial, three Femen activists staged the first Femen topless protest  in the Arab world in front of the Tunisian court where Amina is to be tried.

Considering they each could face 6 months in jail – and that is if the Islamists don’t get to them first:  that is very, very brave of them!

Femen against Sharia!

You go, girls!


Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

F***king Guy Fawkes day!

(OK – I need to explain the profanity….it’s a reference to an Ed McBain detective story where a transplanted Brit became a New York cop and riles on and on about the ‘f***king Guy Fawkes’.  Now, my hubby and I cannot say ‘Guy Fawkes’ without the preceding expletive…)

Well, since the Anonymous hactivists have adopted the movie ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask as their method of anonymization, ***** Guy Fawkes day has, traditionally, been a special day for them.  A day they call people to action:

Here, in Canada, the government has banned masks from all protests – so that technology with facial recognition may be used to identify even peaceful protesters…


You should be asking not just yourself, but also your government representatives!

My advice?  If you plan to attend a demonstration of any kind, get a niqab or a burqa:  our governments may feel free to strip the rights away from non-favoured groups, but are too squeamish to strip those same rights away from militant Islamists.  Rather than bitching about it, we ought to use it!

And, you should not be willing to submit to the creep of ever-increasing surveillance.

Yes, we cannot avoid some of it – it has already become extremely pervasive in our society.

But it does not mean that we should not fight back against the creep!

And, creeping it is….

For example, a judge in the US has just ruled that the police do not need a warrant to install surveillance equipment to monitor your private property – even if it is fenced off and ‘no trespassing’ signs are posted all over the place.

And while we all know the tracking capabilities of smart phones and GPS units in vehicles (I’ve had mine physically unplugged, but the newer ones are being installed into the starter, so that the vehicle will not function if the GPS tracking has been disabled), did you know that seemingly innocuous items like asthma inhalers, will soon collect the data on everywhere you’ve been and report it to your MD or any government authority that demands the data?

Because if the data exists, somewhere, somehow, all kinds of government agencies can demand it.  It will always be turned over to them if they get a warrant, but it will also ‘usually’ be turned over to them by the companies (or individuals) who hold the info – and who fear that if they do not co-operate with ‘the authorities’, they will be targeted and put out of business through ‘targeted regulations enforcement’.

Don’t think this is happening?

Think of Buckey-balls!!!

Privacy is quickly becoming a thing of the past – governments know more and more about all aspects of our lives.

Don’t like it?

There is nowhere left to run…

Sure, you can do the basic things, like avoid the ‘points’ cards (they are simple tools of profiling and your profile is being sold for profit), pay cash, avoid using anything with a GPS in it, and so on.

Anonymous is taking it a step further – they actively urged everyone to use the occasion of F***cking Guy Fawkes Day to hack the organizations most active in conducting electronic surveillance and profiling.

So, how did it go?

There were protests in front of the British Parliament.

A couple of thousand Anonymous supporters held a demonstration in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Finance Minister (Canada) Jim Flaherty’s personal website was hacked – and downed for several hours.

NBC and Lady Gaga were also hacked.

Zynga and Facebook were bitched at.

Various bits of hacked data, including VMware source code, were publicly posted.

The most evil PayPal was hacked, as well as Symantec and even the Auzzzie government…

If you have a PayPal account (shame on you), you might want to consider changing your password, like, now – as there are reports PayPal account passwords were hacked and leaked.

TrapWire and INDECT were also hacked.

ZDNet has an excellent roundup – including updates and clarifications. (via TechEYE)

Sounds like a lot of hactivists were busy little beavers today!






Blazing Catfur: ‘Libya Rally, Toronto, Canada’

White Poppy Campaign: plans to desecrate the National War Memorial on Rememberance Day

Where:  National War Memorial

When:  11th of November, 2010

Time:  12:30 pm

What:  Come and protect the National War Memorial from desecration

The ‘White Poppy Campaign’ is out in force again: Ian Harvey of the Ottawa White Poppy Coalition announced that they are planning to lay a wreath of White Poppies at the National War Memorial this Remembrance Day.

They have done it last year, and the year before that….

….after the official ceremony, of course.  More precisely, at 12:30 pm.


Vince McDermott reports in the National Post:

“The red Legion poppy, in my opinion, represents the nostalgia and romanticizing of war,” said Ian Harvey, an activist in the Ottawa White Poppy Coalition. “We should remember that you don’t have to go to war to get peace.”


The ‘White Poppies for a Culture of Peace’ website explains their philosophy:

How many people is it acceptable to kill, or maim, or chase out of their homes, so that we can live in comfort?


I, for one, will take the advice of a caller to the Lowell Green show on CFRA today.  I will come to the War Memorial, this Remembrance Day, and stay until 12:30.  When these people attempt to desecrate the memories of all those who sacrificed of themselves so that we may live, I will stand in their way.  Peacefully, but firmly (and not necessarily quietly…).

Hopefully, enough of us will come to form a protective wall.

If these ‘White Poppy Coalition’ people truly believe in the principles of non-violence, they will not attempt to use force against us:  either the force of their own hands or the force in the form of civil authorities.

The Veterans have done for us.

Now, it is time for us to do for them!




Videos from anti-McGuinty/Watson rally in Ottawa, 23rd of October 2010

UPDATE: new videos are being added, as they are being posted (….and the duplicate video has been replaced by the one that was meant to have been posted.)

Yesterday’s anti-McGuinty/Watson saw a smaller, but dedicated, group of honest citizens express their disgust at how these corrupt collectivists are ruining our lives.

Though I could not be there myself (my ‘technical difficulties’ are still putting a damper on my mobility), VideoManOttawa has posted the following videos:

Update:  More videos, as they are being posted