“Free Amina!” – Femen stage a protest in front of a Tunisian court


The ‘Amina’ in question is Amina Tyler, a Tunisian member of Femen.  (I have written about her here.)  She had posted a topless photo of herself on FaceBook with the Arabic words for ‘My body is my own’ written across her chest.  Her family had her committed to a mental institution, she ran away and now she is facing charges of indecency.

So, the day before her trial, three Femen activists staged the first Femen topless protest  in the Arab world in front of the Tunisian court where Amina is to be tried.

Considering they each could face 6 months in jail – and that is if the Islamists don’t get to them first:  that is very, very brave of them!

Femen against Sharia!

You go, girls!


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