Omar Khadr moved to Edmonton jail

Omar Khadr…

So, Canada’s most infamous convicted terrorist has been moved to a jail in  Edmonton, because the other inmates at Millhaven (just west of Kingston), offered to kill him.  Not for any political reasons, not because he is a Sharia supremacist, not because he is a war criminal, not because he murdered a medic who was trying to save Omar Khadr’s life – but because he’s such a jerk, even the other inmates cannot stand him.

From CBC:

‘Khadr was flown to the Edmonton Institution Tuesday, potentially ending a situation in which he had been deprived of prison programming that complicated efforts to seek parole, his lawyer Dennis Edney confirmed.

“Hopefully, this is a positive step in his long journey to freedom,” the Edmonton-based Edney said.’

Yeah, we all hope he’ll move right next door to us and pop over to sing Kumbaya with our kids every now and then…

With the failure of British and US police forces to protect their citizenry against Islamists with known terrorist tendencies, let’s show the world that the rule of law has not yet broken down in Canada.

Omar Khadr took up arms against forces engaged in a UN sanctioned war, forces which were direct allies of Canada.  That, under Canadian laws, constitutes treason.

Let’s apply the law to Omar Khadr just like we would to any other Canadian, without prejudice on any grounds, and charge him with treason.

For a just society to exist, the laws must be applied to everyone equally – even Omar Khadr!


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