Rights are like muscles – if you don’t exercise them, you will loose them!

One cannot help but wonder how one would react in that same situation.

Would I gush over the ‘Sharia cop’, thank her for sharing,  deilighting that it is most excellent that we live in a truly free country where the right to be offended is so vigorously upheld?  Would I try to convince her that asking us not to film the Muslimas is an infringment on the rights of those very Muslimas to be offended?

Or, would I be delighted to see her and explain that I was just looking for the authorities in order to demand that they intervene and stop  (by arresting the perp waiving the Hezbollah flag) the hate-crime-in-progress?

Or, faced with intimmidation by police, would I have the courage to stand up to the cops and say anything at all…

Until I am in that situation, I will not know…

I was surprised that Blazing Cat Fur did not openly continue to videotape the encouter with the ‘Sharia cop’ (for lack of a better term), but rather aimed the camera down – in light of Friday’s Gilk case ruling! (H/T:  Blog of Walker)

OK – the ruling came out of the US, but both the US and Canadian constitutions are firmly rooted in the Magna Carta and the British Common Law tradition.  Every single one of the (admittedly few – but the experience was universal) times I have spectated in Ontario court rooms, this common root was noted as justification for citing ruling precedents from the US – and yes, each and every one of these US rulings cited impacted on the cases in Ontario courts.  So, yes, it is a victory not just in the US – in a very real manner, Canadians are also affected by this ruling which asserts every citizen’s rights to record the police at any time they are in public, without any restrictions (and to publish the recording afterwards).

A clear view of her badge would have been nice!

Of course, more and more often, police officers are no longer upholding the laws of the land.  Rather, they blindly carry out the instructions they had been ‘handed from above’ with little regard for the rule of law.  Rrather frighteningly, more and more police officers seem quite comfortable remaining ignorant of the very laws they are sworn to uphold!

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