Things to think about before Thursday’s election

Before the Ontario election on Thursday, let’s not forget to think about a few things.

Like, Caledonia

Like, healthcare – which is being so rationed in Ontario that it is ridiculous…

For example, on the 2nd of September of this year, my friend was hit by a truck (while she was riding her motorcycle).  She was hurt pretty badly, with an open compound fracture of one of her legs.  While in the hospital, she kept complaining that her other leg was seriously hurting her – doctors would look at it (without touching it) and tell her that it’s just a sprain and to tough it out…until, on the 21st of September, a different doctor came by who actually did his job.  Yes, you guessed it – her other leg was fractured as well. But, as the bones were not actually sticking out through the skin, the patient was told ‘it’s just a sprain’ and the doctors did not bother taking even a single X-ray.

It took 20 days of being hospitalized (after being hit by a truck) in an Ontario hospital, with our ‘world class’ medicare, before the doctors noticed their severe trauma patient had a broken leg. 

It just makes me want to scream!

All three major political parties have had a hand in bringing about the deterioration of our society to these appalling levels.

Remember that when you go to vote.