6th of October, 2011: The Fourniers are in court in Ottawa

Connie and Mark Fourniers are coming to Ottawa for a Motion in the Copyright lawsuit Mr. Richard Warman is bringing against them for using his own words in self-defense against other lawsuits he has brought against them.

I may have this completely backwards, but, to the best of my understanding, Mr. Warman accused the Fourniers of defaming him.  The Fourniers used Warman’s words to prove the truth of their statements – since truth is still defense against the charge of defamation.  Mr. Warman says that by using his words, they are infringing on his copyright on the intellectual property of the ideas he expressed.  And he is suing them for it.

Yes, it sounds ludicrous – but that does not necessarily imply I have misunderstood the main point…

The Fourniers will be coming to Courtroom #2 on the seventh floor of the Sir Thomas D’Arcy McGee Building, 90 Sparks Street at 9:30 a.m.  If you can, come show them your support.

Will ‘Arab Spring’ turn into an ‘Arab Fall’ in Saudi Arabia?

In the spring of 2011, many predominantly Arab countries have seen civil unrest – the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.

While  the sentiments that started these revolts/revolutions/civil wars may have been driven – at least partly – by a desire of the citizens to have their voices heard, the movements soon became dominated by the well organized and well financed Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates/allies.  (It is not clear whether these were truly populist movements or if the uprisings were indeed orchestrated from the start by the MB – I doubt the outcome will be affected, either way.)

Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Mecca and Medina, has not seen unrest on the scale of, say Egypt, Lybia or Syria.  It is possible that the people there are simply happier – or that the brutal suppression of any public demonstration by the Saudi tyrants has simply left the populace too cowed to do much…  Until now, that is.

Will we now see the ‘Saudi Fall’?

Will we rush to the aid of the protesters, like we did in Egypt, with moral and political support?

Will we establish a ‘no-fly zone’ and ‘put boots on the ground’, like we did to protect the rebels in Lybia, vowing not to stop until the tyrants (that would be the Saudi royal family – you know, the guys who are friends with that evil man, Bush) are ousted and tried?

Or will we do nothing, barely even report on it, like we are doing in Syria now and had done with the ‘women’s revolution’ a few years back in Syria’s sponsor, Iran?

Who knows?

There certainly isn’t much consistency one could go by in our behaviour so far…