Salim Mansur: ‘Delectable lie’

In September 2011, Dr. Salim Mansur came to Ottawa to launch his book ‘Delectable Lie a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism’.

I went to hear him speak, and ever since, I have been waiting for the video of the event to be posted on YouTube because Dr. Mansur expresses what is wrong with multiculturalism so eloquently and he delivers his words so passionately that I could not wait to post the video and share it with everyone!

There is a lot I would like to say – but Dr. Mansur does it better!


Last few words about last night’s Ontario election…

Last night, after coming home from having voted, I was surfing the blogosphere a little.  My husband looked over my shoulder to read this and wanted to know if I wrote it…as it is almost verbatim what I had said to him in the morning:

Election day is here and at some point I will drag myself to the polling station. This time will be different though. I will not be casting my vote for the Conservative party.  I just can’t.

I can’t cast a vote for a party whose leader thinks miming Dalton McGuinty is a good thing. I can’t hold my nose and vote conservative just because some guy who claims to be conservative finagled his way to the leadership of the party, just because he may not screw me over quite as thoroughly as McGuinty will.

I will not opt for the lesser of two weevils this time out. I’m just not going to vote for any weevil. My vote will go to the Freedom Party, in part in protest, in part because they do hold views compatible with my own, views that seem alien to the weevil currently in charge of Ontario’s PC party.

So long weevils.

Except that I did not make the clever weevil analogy….

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