Women Living In Fear In Sweden – Katie Hopkins – Tucker Carlson

Welcome to Sweden – by Angry Foreigner

This immigrant to Sweden sees what is happening there just as I, an immigrant to Canada, see what is happening here:

February 6th – International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Generation Identitaire occupies the roof of a French Mosque

Last week, I had posted a video in which a French group calling itself Generation Identitaire introduced itself.

Today, they occupied the roof of a mosque (which has ‘fiery’ imams who frequently preach hate and violence) in France…

This is going to get interesting…

BCF has more.

Salim Mansur on immigration

Before today, I have never posted a video which I have not watched before posting.  That is about to change…


For the last few days, I have been laid up with a serious migraine and have not been – to put it delicately – ‘functional’.

Yet, I have met Mr. Salim Mansur and liked him very, very much.

I have read his latest book  and while I didn’t agree with everything in it, I didn’t particularly disagree with it, either.  (I thought his error was one of omission of external pressures, while he was analysing the internal pressures Canada experienced from the cultural marxists under the guise of ‘multiculturalism’…in other words, while I agreed with him in principle, I thought he didn’t take the argument far enough.)

Actually, the very lively and vigorous discussion we got into after his Ottawa book launch could read like the beginning of a joke:  a Muslim, a Jew and an atheist walk into a bar…

So, when I saw that a speech Salim Mansur has given had been published on YouTube, I thought it important enough to bring to you, my readers, as soon as I was sentient enough to type (even if I have not had the mental capacity to view it – till the meds wear off, anyway…)  And, I do plan to watch this as soon as my brain will be capable of comprehending it.

In other words, I don’t know the context of the speech or what is in it, but, based on the fact that it is Salim Mansur speaking, I trust it will be very interesting indeed!

Thus, without much further ado, here are the videos of the speech, as they appeared on YouTube:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


The Shafia murders: victims of multiculturalism and political correctness

Shafia:  the name has now become known worldwide for the horrific murders of 4 of this family’s members by 3 other family members.

Yesterday, the jury returned a verdict over the father/husband, wife/co-wife, and brother/step-son of the victims:  GUILTY!

Guilty of 4 counts of first degree murder!

And, while this is bound to be appealed (as such verdicts always are), it is a victory for Canada.

Yes, for Canada.

Because with this trial, we are beginning to shake the wool that has been pulled over our eyes by the social engineers who insist that we, Canadians, ought not to be treated as equals but that our rights and protections should depend solely on what special social collective we happen to be members of.

If you are unfamiliar with the back-story, here is an excellent write-up by Christie Blatchford in the Montreal Gazette:

‘“This verdict sends a very clear message about our Canadian values and the core principles in a free and democratic society that all Canadians enjoy, and even visitors to Canada enjoy,” Laarhuis said.

The “visitors” reference was a kind and graceful nod to Rona Amir Mohammad, Shafia’s unacknowledged other wife.

Unlike the rest of the sprawling clan, she was brought to Canada as a domestic servant and was on a visitor’s visa, its renewal held over her head like a axe ready to fall by her co-wife Yahya and [husband] Shafia.’

The victims did all they could to get help.
They told their teachers, who contacted the authorities.
The oldest daughter even sought sanctuary in a women’s shelter.
But, because they came from an immigrant Muslim family, the authorities valued political correctness and multiculturalism’s moral relativism more than their lives.
From The Gazette article linked above:

The parents were called in by school officials a number of times, but Yahya would weep, Shafia would rail furiously, and no action would be taken.

When the school called in child welfare, the same thing would happen: Denials, rage and tears from these affluent parents worked in this country. All their experience with institutional Canada gave them no reason to imagine that a small-city police force wouldn’t be similarly stymied.’

So, nobody helped the victims when they begged for help.  And now they are dead.
The father/husband, mother/co-wife and brother/step-son may have orchestrated and performed the actual murders – and their culpability is in no way to be diminished – but it was the fear that protecting these women and children might be perceived as being politically incorrect that denied them the help which, in a very real way, caused their deaths.
In the very least, this constitutes callous disregard causing death – by all the cowrdly civil servants involved.
The people in authority who were supposed to protect them, whose very positions were set up to protect people in exactly these circumstances, failed to provide this help – help which turned out to be a ‘necessity of life’.
What will happen to each end every person along the line who had failed these women and children?
What will happen to the monsters who valued political correctness higher than human lives?
Will they be charged?
Will the social workers and police officers whose actions (or lack thereof) directly put the victims at risk ever be brought to court, to account for their part in this murder conspiracy?
Will any of them even be fired?
Even reprimanded?
Because if they are not, if we do not insist that they also face the consequences of their actions  – more lives will be lost.
Let’s not forget them!

Ontario Provincial Police racially profiles & arrests 8 people in Caledonia, Ontario

It is difficult to believe that this is still going on…

Canada in general, Ontario in particular, have recently been absorbed in the Attawapiscat scandalmillions of dollars have gone to support an aboriginal community of a few thousand people, yet the living conditions for ‘regular’ band members there are so deplorable and despicable, words fail me.  This is a very difficult situation to deal with:  the current rules/regulation/philosophy imprisons our native populations in far northern ghettos in the name of ‘protecting them’…yes, the language of ‘tyranny of the nice’ – oppressing people while all the time pretending that one is doing it in their name.

Here is some excellent commentary on this topic  (including an interview with the brilliant and Honourable Patrick Brazeau).  (Aside and completely unrelated:  senator Brazeau comes from the Kitigan Zibi community which twins Maniwaki.  This region is in one of the most beautiful corners of the world – one I have visited annually for about two decades and which has completely enchanted me, my spouse and our children.  It would be difficult to convince me that there could possibly be a more beautiful area in all the world!)

Yet, when I was in a fast-food restaurant in Maniwaki only 3-4 years ago,  I personally witnessed  the residents from Kitigan Zibi be refused service on the grounds that the person taking their order did not understand English and thus could not serve them.  Standing directly behind them in the line, I (being the nagging person that I am) decided to, on this occasion, use English only to order and I feigned inability to speak or comprehend French:  yet I was served without any difficulty!  Incensed – yet afraid to make a scene (it was not my neighbourhood to rock the proverbial boat in), after I was served, I went and caught up with the people who were refused service because they spoke English and were native – I offered to place the order for them, but, they declined.  I can understand their position…

So, yes – I can honestly say that I have experienced (as a witness) discrimination against Canadians, simply because they were Native Canadians.  And, yes – I was deeply disturbed by it.  And, yes – I DID all I thought was in my power to defeat it without adding animosity to the community in which it occurred.  This discrimination is not ‘theoretical’ – and it is something that I condemn, with every fibre of my being!!!

It is my deepest held principle that all humans must be treated as equals in the eyes of the law:  this focus on the individual is the only way we can prevent the erosion of innate civil liberties that ‘group-politics’ of the totalitarian/collectivist Cultural Marxism is fighting to defeat.

This is why I am just as upset that people were discriminated against for NOT being ‘natives’ as I am that people were discriminated FOR being ‘natives’!!!

Yet, this is exactly what has happened in Caledonia…

Read the latest shameful details here.

As long as people are discriminated against on the basis of race – whether ‘in’ or ‘out’ is irrelevant – we can never have equality of citizens before the law!

And that is shameful – however anyone may try to justify it!

Update:  more information with pictures and video about what had happened in Caledonia.

Salim Mansur: ‘Delectable lie’

In September 2011, Dr. Salim Mansur came to Ottawa to launch his book ‘Delectable Lie a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism’.

I went to hear him speak, and ever since, I have been waiting for the video of the event to be posted on YouTube because Dr. Mansur expresses what is wrong with multiculturalism so eloquently and he delivers his words so passionately that I could not wait to post the video and share it with everyone!

There is a lot I would like to say – but Dr. Mansur does it better!


A few thoughts about a ‘two-state solution’

Tomorrow, Palestinian representatives will speak at the UN in order to seek recognition of themselves as a state.

I’ll be extremely blunt about this:  the Palestinian {founding document, whatever the accurate term is, of its ruling body} states unequivocally that it seeks a military destruction of Israel.

Israel is a member state of the UN.  (Why, I really don’t know – goodness knows they are the UN’s favourite whipping boy…)

It is surreal that the UN would entertain a speech – much less seriously consider for membership – a ‘state’ whose duly elected government’s openly stated goal is the military destruction of one of its own members!!!

I cannot express just how ridiculous this is.

(And no – I am not indifferent to the suffering of the Palestinian children, I just think that Jordan is the one to blame, not Israel, as it was Jordan who confiscated much of the land dedicated to the creation of Palestine and then kicked the Arabs who now self-identify as ‘Palestinians’ out and denied them citizenship rights. So, let’s not go down that particular proverbial garden path…)

Anyhow, while thinking about this, I came across this fascinating post about a ‘two-state solution’.  Enjoy.

“Drug Traffickers, Gangs and Imams”…

The video speaks for itself:

H/T:  VladTepesBlogDotCom via TheReligion of Peace