Why ‘Halal meat’ is ‘the thin wedge’ of Islamic supremacism

The other day, someone asked me a most interesting question (and, I am paraphrasing heavily):

“If you could wave a magic wand and do one single thing to prevent the loss of our liberties due to Sharia laws creeping into our society, what would it be?”

Without much difficulty, I answered:  “Stop Halal food!”

Well, my questioner had thought I had gone off my rocker.  “You mean to say that with all that is happening, Halal food is your biggest concern?  If they had their way, you’d be wearing a burqa, and all you would waste your one wish on Halal?”

My answer was a most enthusiastic ‘YES!!! But – it would NOT be a waste!”  And I proceeded to explain.  Unfortunately, my explanation had been cut short by the circumstances, so, please, let me complete it here.

First and foremost, I’d like to stress that under Sharia, Islamic jurisprudence, Muslims who live in a non-Muslim land – a country which is not governed by Sharia – are NOT required to eat Halal.

To the contrary:  if Halal food is not available, too difficult to obtain, or (and this is an important one) if maintaining Halal diet would disadvantage Muslims with respect to the Kafirs, then they are permitted to eat non-Halal food.  Allah is most forgiving and if no transgression was intended, then none is incurred.

In addition, if it were to give them an advantage in dealings with the Kafirs, then Muslims are permitted to drink alcohol, eat pork or do anything else that is generally taboo in Islam:  if they are doing it to further the long term goal of spreading Islam, then all is permitted.

Please, do not take my word for it – look it up for yourselves!  The rulings by Islamic authorities on this are numerous and unanimously in agreement with what I wrote.  Rather than be accused of ‘cherry picking’ my evidence by supplying one or two links, I urge you to check for yourself any Sharia authority of your choice:  it will confirm my statement.

Having established why consuming Halal food, especially Halal-slaughtered meat, is not obligatory for our Western Muslims, let me explain why permitting Halal food into our food supply undermines our society.

Yes, it undermines our society, in no uncertain terms.  In this, it is very different from Kosher food…

In order to explain this, I must first explain the relationship between Muslims and Kafirs (Kuffurs) under Sharia.

Under Sharia, all non-Muslims are Kafirs.  Usually translated as ‘unbeliever’ – an emotionally neutral word, the term ‘Kafir’, as used by Muslims, is anything but a ‘neutral term’.  It is a slur with, if possible, even more hate coiled up in it that ‘nigger’, ‘cracker’ and ‘twat’ rolled into one.

Much like some Christians believe that each and every human ‘knows’ Jesus is Christ and Saviour, that atheist also know this but are willfully pretending not to because they wish to sin and/or be evil, so Islam teaches that each and every human being is born a perfect Muslim, with full knowledge and understanding that Allah is the one and only God and the Muhammad is his prophet and that those of us who are not Muslims – are Kafirs – are willfully lying to ourselves and others when we deny Allah and Mohammed and that we are doing it because we are evil.

Thus, the word ‘Kafir’ implies an evil, willfully lying and deceiving person.  The Koran itself tells us that the Kafir is the vilest of all the creatures and warns Muslims not to trust them, take them as friends or even associate with them more than absolutely necessary.  And those are the ‘mild’ verses of the Koran – other verses make the full extermination of all Kafirs a religious duty for all Muslims.

But, let us get back to how this perception of Kafirs relates to Halal food.

There is an Islamic doctrine of ‘najis’ – ‘unclean’.

Many things are unclean:  pigs, dogs, and – yes, Kafirs.  If a Kafir touches a piece of food, they pollute it, making it no longer Halal.

Yet, some Kuffurs are slightly less unclean than others.  Christians and Jews are slightly less ‘unclean’ than the rest of us and therefor it is permitted for them to work on Halal food:  provided that they are only doing the most menial tasks and are directly and at all times watched and supervised by a Muslim.

This has some very important implications for our society.

Only Muslims, Christians and Jews may work in food production, transportation, preparation and sales.

If a Sikh, a Hindu, an atheist or another Kafir works as a waiter who carries a dish from the kitchen to the table, that food has become contaminated and is no longer Halal.

If a school cafeteria food is served by a Buddhist or  a Wiccan or an agnostic, that food would no longer be Halal.

If a nurse who injects a child with a vaccine is a Taoist or a Druid, that vaccine is no longer Halal.

If a truck driver who hauls meat from the slaughter house to the supermarkets is a Zoroastrian or Confucian, that meat is no longer Halal.

You see how this would undermine the rule of law?  Specifically the laws that forbid employers to discriminate against their employees on the basis of religion?

How can you have employment equity if only Muslims may have a supervisory role in your food supply and only Muslims, Christians and Jews are eligible to work in the whole field?

And it will not be just limited to the ‘Halal’ food market:  we have seen this in country after country after country!  It is so difficult for companies in the food industry to obtain and maintain ‘Halal’ certification if only one part of their operation is dedicated to the Halal stream that they must make all their food production and supply chains Halal compliant, regardless whether the food is labelled ‘Halal’ or not.

For example, in England, it has been shown that the vast majority of meat sold in stores is Halal-compliant, whether it is labelled as ‘Halal’ or not!

You could be eating Halal-slaughtered meat without knowing it.

And that goes far beyond the unnecessary animal cruelty involved in Halal slaughter…  (Yes, Kosher food is also slaughtered using similar method and Kosher meat is therefore shunned by aware people.  The difference is that Kosher food is always labelled as such and therefore, people have a choice to avoid it if they so wish.  Halal-slaughtered meat is being sold both with Halal labels and without, making it impossible for a consumer to make a choice.)

In addition, Muslim leaders who wish to introduce Halal food into places like hospitals and schools claim that it is the ‘lowest common denominator’:  meaning that everyone in society may eat Halal food.

Unfortunately, that is not true.

For example, Sikhs are expressly forbidden to consume Halal food.  (Not just Halal-slaughtered meat, but all food that had, at some point, been Halal.)

So, if a hospital or a school serves Halal food, they are violating Sikhs religious principles.

And while Sikhism explicitly forbids the consumption of Halal food, Christianity implicitly forbids the consumption of Halal meat.

Yes, most Christians are unaware of this – but, they should be.

Both the Old and the New Testament forbid the eating of ‘sacrificial meat’ – that is, meat that has been prayed over to a God other than the Christian one.

Permit me to explain:

Long, long time ago, Pagans would sacrifice animals in Temples in order to gain favour with one God or another.  This ‘sacrificial meat’ would be cooked and served to the ‘common folk’ who would come to the temple. Since many of the poor people could not afford to eat meat on their own, they would flock to the temples for a good meal.

If you think about this, it was a quite good system:  the rich may have been trying to buy favour from the Gods, but they ended up feeding valuable protein to the poor…

And while the people ate the sacrificial meat, the priests and priestesses would proselytize to them, singing the praises and spreading the teachings of their particular deity.

Which was not particularly appreciated by the Jewish and Christian religious leaders…

So, in both the Old and the New Testaments, eating meat sacrificed to other deities was strictly forbidden!

Don’t take my word for it – please, look it up for yourself.    I recommend Acts 15:29  and Acts 21:29 as good starting points.

Yet, food that had been sacrificed to Allah has entered our food supply:  sometimes it is clearly labeled as such (and permits us the choice to avoid it), but at other times, Halal slaughtered meat is sold without any signs indicating so.  What is worse, many public institutions have substituted Halal meat in their food supply without notifying their consumers, without giving their ‘captive consumers’ (hospitals, schools) the option to practice their religion without sin.

In summary:

Not only does ‘Halal-certified food’ contravene our employment laws (the ones that prevent employer from practicing religious prejudice in hiring policies, as Halal food may not be ‘handled’ by members of most religions and by non-religious people in order to maintain its ‘Halal’ certification) and thus undermines the rule of law in our society, inconspicuously labeled Halal food (such as on cans of Cambell’s soup:  a simple crescent moon may not alert a consumer that they are purchasing a ‘Halal’ item) or completely unlabeled Halal meat has crept into our food supply, preventing non-Muslims from freely exercising their religions.

But – and this implication is perhaps even more important to consider – only Sharia adherent Muslims in our society insist on Halal food.  It is precisely these Sharia-adherent Muslims who will seek employment in the ‘Halal food supply’.

Many Muslims have come to Canada precisely to escape Sharia.  These are the Muslims whom we must protect – the moderates in our midst who want nothing more than to live free and be productive members of our society.  Other Muslims have come here with the goal to impose Sharia on our society:  these are not peaceful immigrants but radicals who have arrived as colonists, who believe that it is their duty to impose Sharia on all the people on Earth.

Yet, it is exactly these Sharia adherent Muslims who control Halal certification and manage the Halal-certified food supplies.  As Halal – with or without clear labeling – becomes greater and greater portion of our food supply chain, radical Muslims will gain control over more and more of our food supplies.

Radical Muslims believe themselves to be at war with our society.

Placing them in a position to control greater and greater portions of our food supply mechanism is, in my never-humble-opinion, not a good idea.

Thunderf00t: Feminism versus FACTS (Part 3, RE Damsel in distress II)

When I was about 14 years old, my parents hosted a dinner party.  One group of their guests was a family much like ours:  mother, father and a daughter, an only child.  Except that the other family’s daughter was about 5 years my senior and, while I was in High School, she was already attending University.

During the meal, the matriarch of this guest family, with an indulgently patronizing smile, responded to something my dad had said with:  “How can you say that, with two fine young feminists sitting at the table?”

Well, that got my hackles up!

I immediately responded with (loosely translated to English): “I am no such thing as a feminist!  Please, don’t insult my intelligence by calling me one!”

Which seemed to puzzle my parents’ guests (both of whom [the parents] held doctorates in Physics):  they could not possibly imagine a young woman who isn’t driven by her immature teenage rebellion into the foolishness that is ‘Western feminism’.  Their own daughter was, indeed, a full blown feminist and a Marxist to boot – and, to the best of my knowledge, has remained so till now…

OK, it was one of my Aspie moments, I had embarrassed my parents and all that.  Jaws dropped all around – perhaps due to the passion with which my statement was delivered – and, looking back, my parents had a hard time getting the conversation back into the ‘safe’ zone.

Yet, even at the age of 14, I recognized and despised – to the core of my being – the hypocrisy of modern-day Western feminists who, far from attempting to create a ‘level playing field’ where every individual is treated equally, regardless of where they fall in the demographics game, were all about a power/money grab for a specific snotty elite…a corruption of an ideal if there ever was one!

I, for one, considered myself ‘an equalist’ – someone who despises special privileges for anyone. for any reason.  The rules of life (aka ‘the laws of the land’) had to apply to everyone equally!

After all, that is why we came to Canada:  so my family would no longer be persecuted because of my father’s beliefs (not actions, just beliefs).  Where teachers would not regularly single me out because of my pigmentation, my pale skin and hair and eye colour – ‘just the king of kid the Nazis would have liked – unlike the rest of my classmates, whom they would have gladly have exterminated’:  a statement my grade 3-5 homeroom teacher made, in class, several times week, and which inevitably led to a school-yard beating for me…at least, until I learned how to fight back…

So, I guess I learned the hard way to wish for the rules to apply to everyone equally – even to pale freaks like me!  And, I had expected that immigrating to a country with a heritage of liberal democracy, like Canada, would provide that!

How very Aspie of me…

The Cultural Marxists – led/bullied by the ‘feminists’ – had corrupted the spirit of liberal democracy in Canada long before I got here.

It saddens me to see so many smart people fall for their scam.

Yet, I am glad Thunderf00t is not one of them!


Christina Hoff Sommers on “The War Against Boys” and “One Nation Under Therapy”


Pat Condell: I’m offended by Islam

I’m offended by not applying the rule of law equally to each and every citizen.

I’m offended by all claims that religious laws are above human laws.

I’m offended by adult human beings taking pride in believing things that they have no evidence for.

I’m offended by people claiming that a person can be both religious and moral.

I’m offended by people thinking it’s their right to intellectually cripple their children by brainwashing them into the religion of the parents’ choice…


Amina Tyler, the Tunusian Femen, is missing

According to her family, Amina has left the house and not been seen or heard from since.

Considering her family had had her committed to a mental institution following Amina’s typically Femen topless protest, I do hope she is getting herself to safety in one of our oppressive capitalist countries.  But, given all the death threats and fatwas against her, the possibility of foul play cannot be discounted, either…

UPDATE:  Amina ran away and is now safe!


Reason TV: “Go Topless Day”: What We Saw at the 5th Annual Protest


This protest was in the US, where women are still not treated qually under the law.

I am proud to have been a part of this fight in Ontario back in the early 1990’s:  equality is no ‘small thing’!

One Law For All: ‘Sharia law: neither equal not free’

From an email from Miriam Namazie:

Update on Baroness Cox’s Equality Bill
One Law for All has been spending a lot of time recently working with Caroline Cox and her team in promoting the Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equalities) Bill. The aim of the Bill, which was introduced to the House of Lords last year, is to make arbitration services in the UK subject to equality laws and to bar any arbitration where parties are of unequal standing; for example, it would disallow arbitration providers placing greater weight on the testimony of one party over another, as is the case with sharia law where a wife’s word is worth only half of her husband’s. The Bill will also create a criminal offence and make it illegal for arbitration bodies to pretend they have greater jurisdiction than they do – in other words, preventing them from misinforming people that they must obey their rulings. It will also place a duty on public bodies in the UK to inform women of their rights under British la w.
The Bill is due for a second reading in the House of Lords this October. Many Peers have already pledged support but we need your help in persuading them further. If you have time, please write to any members of the House of Lords and ask them to consider the seriousness of this Bill and its need in maintaining a society where all people are equal before a single secular and democratic law. In your letter, you could point out to Peers that the Islamic Sharia Council and the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal both openly acknowledge that the testimony of women is given less value than that of men, that custody of children is awarded to fathers regardless of the circumstances, and that sharia family law permits, and therefore encourages, domestic violence and the abuse of women and children.  You can find out how to write to Peers here: http://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-a-lord/lord/. You can read the bill here:  http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2012-13/arbitrationandmediationservicesequality.html.
‘Equal and Free?’, a book of evidence compiled in support of the Bill, can be found here: http://equalandfree.org/download-file/downloads/EqualandFree.pdf. It includes testimony from women who have been through the sharia family law system here in Britain, as well as charities and groups which work closely with these women. It also looks at other religious tribunals, such as the Beth Din, and the effect the Bill may have on arbitration more broadly.
Debates and Conferences
One of the issues of concern to those deciding whether to support the Bill is that it may represent an infringement on religious liberty. One Law for All maintains that the right to freedom of religion ends at the point where other people’s rights begin. Sharia family and criminal law represent a serious infringement upon the rights of women to receive a fair hearing and to live without violence or the threat of violence. We will be holding a debate on this issue in the coming months and will invite members of both Houses of Parliament to attend – further details will follow. For more information on other speaking engagements and events, visit: http://www.onelawforall.org.uk/category/events/.
Child Protection
As has been mentioned, sharia family law awards custody of children to fathers from a pre-set age regardless of the circumstances, and regardless of whether the father is abusive or violent. Again, the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal and the Islamic Sharia Council do not deny this fact.  It is also known that matters of child custody and contact are being increasingly heard by sharia bodies, increasing the isolation of Muslims in Britain and endangering the children of Muslim parents who may be excluded from the protections provided by British law – which places the wellbeing of the child as the paramount consideration in all questions of this kind. We have been pushing this message very strongly at the House of Lords; all Peers have now received a copy of ‘Equal and Free?’ which contains details of how sharia family law is flouting legal norms in matters of child protection, and the danger this represents &ndas h; it is creating a parallel legal system, based on religion, in the UK.
Support us!
December will mark four years since the establishment of the One Law for All campaign. A lot has changed in the public debate on Sharia law and equality as a result of our campaign. If you want to and can, please help us to continue our essential work. To donate to the work of One Law for All, you can either send a cheque made payable to One Law for All to BM Box 2387, London WC1N 3XX, UK or pay via Paypal.  We also need regular support and for supporters to commit to giving at least £5-10 a month via direct debit. You can find out more about how to donate or join the 100 Club here: http://www.onelawforall.org.uk/donate/.
Also, if you shop online, please do so via the Easy Fundraising’s website: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/register-supporter/?char=40474. It won’t cost you anything extra but can help raise much needed funds for One Law for All.
Finally, if you haven’t already signed up to the One Law for All campaign, please join the nearly 29,000 people and groups that have: http://onelawforallpetition.com/onelaw/onela300.php?nr=40155035.
Thanks again
Warmest wishes
Anne Marie Waters
One Law for All Spokesperson
1. The One Law for All Campaign was launched on 10 December 2008, International Human Rights Day, to call on the UK Government to recognise that Sharia and religious courts are arbitrary and discriminatory against women and children in particular and that citizenship and human rights are non-negotiable.
2. For further information contact:
Maryam Namazie
Anne Marie Waters
One Law for All
BM Box 2387
London WC1N 3XX, UK

Justice delayed, justice denied: Gary McHale on Caledonia

Gary McHale is fighting our fight!


Ontario Provincial Police racially profiles & arrests 8 people in Caledonia, Ontario

It is difficult to believe that this is still going on…

Canada in general, Ontario in particular, have recently been absorbed in the Attawapiscat scandalmillions of dollars have gone to support an aboriginal community of a few thousand people, yet the living conditions for ‘regular’ band members there are so deplorable and despicable, words fail me.  This is a very difficult situation to deal with:  the current rules/regulation/philosophy imprisons our native populations in far northern ghettos in the name of ‘protecting them’…yes, the language of ‘tyranny of the nice’ – oppressing people while all the time pretending that one is doing it in their name.

Here is some excellent commentary on this topic  (including an interview with the brilliant and Honourable Patrick Brazeau).  (Aside and completely unrelated:  senator Brazeau comes from the Kitigan Zibi community which twins Maniwaki.  This region is in one of the most beautiful corners of the world – one I have visited annually for about two decades and which has completely enchanted me, my spouse and our children.  It would be difficult to convince me that there could possibly be a more beautiful area in all the world!)

Yet, when I was in a fast-food restaurant in Maniwaki only 3-4 years ago,  I personally witnessed  the residents from Kitigan Zibi be refused service on the grounds that the person taking their order did not understand English and thus could not serve them.  Standing directly behind them in the line, I (being the nagging person that I am) decided to, on this occasion, use English only to order and I feigned inability to speak or comprehend French:  yet I was served without any difficulty!  Incensed – yet afraid to make a scene (it was not my neighbourhood to rock the proverbial boat in), after I was served, I went and caught up with the people who were refused service because they spoke English and were native – I offered to place the order for them, but, they declined.  I can understand their position…

So, yes – I can honestly say that I have experienced (as a witness) discrimination against Canadians, simply because they were Native Canadians.  And, yes – I was deeply disturbed by it.  And, yes – I DID all I thought was in my power to defeat it without adding animosity to the community in which it occurred.  This discrimination is not ‘theoretical’ – and it is something that I condemn, with every fibre of my being!!!

It is my deepest held principle that all humans must be treated as equals in the eyes of the law:  this focus on the individual is the only way we can prevent the erosion of innate civil liberties that ‘group-politics’ of the totalitarian/collectivist Cultural Marxism is fighting to defeat.

This is why I am just as upset that people were discriminated against for NOT being ‘natives’ as I am that people were discriminated FOR being ‘natives’!!!

Yet, this is exactly what has happened in Caledonia…

Read the latest shameful details here.

As long as people are discriminated against on the basis of race – whether ‘in’ or ‘out’ is irrelevant – we can never have equality of citizens before the law!

And that is shameful – however anyone may try to justify it!

Update:  more information with pictures and video about what had happened in Caledonia.

David Cameron: his Munich speech on Multiculturalism

This speech is worth listening to in its entirety:

Part 1:

Part 2: