Pat Condell: I’m offended by Islam

I’m offended by not applying the rule of law equally to each and every citizen.

I’m offended by all claims that religious laws are above human laws.

I’m offended by adult human beings taking pride in believing things that they have no evidence for.

I’m offended by people claiming that a person can be both religious and moral.

I’m offended by people thinking it’s their right to intellectually cripple their children by brainwashing them into the religion of the parents’ choice…


One Response to “Pat Condell: I’m offended by Islam”

  1. Dan Ghenea Says:

    A person cannot be both religious and moral?! This is the most offensive claim that I ever heard. It offend at least three quarters of humanity.

    Xanthippa says:
    Of course you cannot be BOTH religious AND moral!!!

    Morality requires that you make personal judgement of what is right and wrong – and live by those judgements.

    ‘Being religious’ requires that you give up your own ability to judge right from wrong and simply obey the dictates of one religious dogma or another: in a very real sense, it attempts to define ‘morality’ in the same terms as puppy-obedience-class does: what I/God dictate(s) is ‘moral’, all else is ‘immoral’…puppy obedience class in its fullness!

    That is a serious subversion of morality that no appeal to numbers will negate…

    If some people are offended by this – more power to them!

    The right to be offended is one of the core liberties that deliver us our freedoms!!!

    Please, do consider the corrolary: you would only have the right to be offended by things the government of the day finds offensive: this is the worst kind of tyrrany, because it codifies thought-crime… Please, do think about this!

    So, if I am offending 3/4 of humanity, I am, in fact, delivering ‘freedom of thought’ to 3/4 of humanity!!!

    Thank you for the compliment…

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