Salim Mansur on immigration

Before today, I have never posted a video which I have not watched before posting.  That is about to change…


For the last few days, I have been laid up with a serious migraine and have not been – to put it delicately – ‘functional’.

Yet, I have met Mr. Salim Mansur and liked him very, very much.

I have read his latest book  and while I didn’t agree with everything in it, I didn’t particularly disagree with it, either.  (I thought his error was one of omission of external pressures, while he was analysing the internal pressures Canada experienced from the cultural marxists under the guise of ‘multiculturalism’…in other words, while I agreed with him in principle, I thought he didn’t take the argument far enough.)

Actually, the very lively and vigorous discussion we got into after his Ottawa book launch could read like the beginning of a joke:  a Muslim, a Jew and an atheist walk into a bar…

So, when I saw that a speech Salim Mansur has given had been published on YouTube, I thought it important enough to bring to you, my readers, as soon as I was sentient enough to type (even if I have not had the mental capacity to view it – till the meds wear off, anyway…)  And, I do plan to watch this as soon as my brain will be capable of comprehending it.

In other words, I don’t know the context of the speech or what is in it, but, based on the fact that it is Salim Mansur speaking, I trust it will be very interesting indeed!

Thus, without much further ado, here are the videos of the speech, as they appeared on YouTube:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


5 Responses to “Salim Mansur on immigration”

  1. Sammy Says:

    Wait a second….. a conservative blogger who says they oppose state discrimination promoting the idea of state discrimination against Muslims! I’m shocked! This hasn’t happened since…. well, the last time a conservative blogger posted something.

    • CodeSlinger Says:


      Protecting Canada — against those who use our own liberal laws and tolerant ways against us in an underhanded scheme to gradually establish sharia and eventually turn us into jizyah-paying dhimmis in our own country — cannot be called “discrimination.”

      A better name for it would be… “self-defence.”

      • sammy Says:

        Yeah…. I suppose it can’t be called discrimination…. provided you completely ignore both the dictionary and legal definition of the word. I propose we ban all political conservatives and Christians from immigrating since they are opposed to our liberal laws and tolerant ways. I’m sure you’ll join me in this endeavour and stick up for the idea whenever someone says its discriminatory.

        ps. You are a fucking low-life bigot. Get the fuck out of my country.

      • CodeSlinger Says:

        Awww… poor little weasel… all butt-hurt ‘cause I spilled the beans on your creepy stealth-jihad sneak attack.

        Your country? You have nothing in common with a real Canadian!

        Get lost, troll.

  2. Inclusion Teaming Says:

    I am trying to reach you. I have worked long and hard to develop the concept we talked about several years ago. The name now is Inclusion Teaming.
    We are running a program with Granville Academy on the Yale/St Raphael campus and if you are in the area during this school year, I would like to consider having you as a guest speaker.

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