Free Dominion: ‘ Richard Warman and National Post owe Fourniers $7,230.44’

From the Free Dominion site:

by Connie Fournier » 10/ 02/ 12 8:02 pm

In an assessment decision filed yesterday costs were awarded against Richard Warman and the National Post for their loss in the Federal Court copyright case. They owe us $7,230.44.

Although this is a drop in the bucket considering what Maximum Disruption has cost us, it is a very substantial award for self-represented litigants, and we are thrilled with this decision!

Read the reasons here: … easons.pdf


Connie went against some of the most expensive lawyers money can buy – and won!

Well done!

Thoughts on Omar Khadr’s repatriation

Well, well, well.

The chickens have come home to roost.

Or something like that!

It seems like the vast majority of the media is jubilant over Omar Khadr’s return to Canada – in stark contrast to the polls of actual Canadian people, the vast majority of whom opposed his repatriation.  He killed an American medic, he was sentenced in America – why should Canadian taxpayers foot the bill for his jail time and rehabilitation?

And the cost of rehabilitation will be high!

Not counting the ten million he is suing Canada for, that is…

Because this 5 times war criminal is unrepentant and more militant than ever.  He is a racist, misogynistic bigot who is hell-bent on using any means available to him – including violence and propaganda – to wage jihad against us, non-Muslims.

We know this because he openly says so.

No, not to the media and the useful idiots from the consular office – but he says it nonetheless.

He boasts of having killed Americans.

He says his best days were when he was manufacturing roadside bombs and planting them, to blow up our and allied military personnel.

And he is proud of having cold-bloodedly murdered a medic – not in the heat of a battle, but while the unarmed medic was attempting to render him medical assistance!

Forget the lie so often repeated in the media that he is a ‘child soldier’ – he is not.  Not according to either the spirit or the letter of the law, which is very specific in its definition of the legal term ‘child soldier’.  But I have ranted on that in the past…

What is important now is how we will deal with this hardened terrorist in our midst:  will we pretend that he is just another petty criminal who can be rehabilitated through education, or will we recognize the clear and present danger he poses to us all?

He had, after all, committed treason by taking up arms against our and allied forces.

It’s right there, in our criminal code.

The only reasonable course of action is for him to be charged and tried under that law because if the laws are not applied equally to everyone, the very foundation of our society will be undermined.

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