Vi Hart: Hexaflexagon safety guide

The slimiest premier Ontario has ever had has resigned!

How will you celebrate?

(OK, so may be I’ve just watched the Korean F1…)

This is why they call it ‘Dearbornistan’

The real danger in ‘asymmetric policing’ is that the people who are not in the ‘favoured’ group will notice – and will, eventually, loose faith in the police and the law as an avenue for them to not just get justice, but to protect their very existence.

When that happens, vigilante justice takes over – and that is a very, very bad situation which, I am sure, nobody wants.

Yet, that is the inevitable result of justice not being done – and justice not being seen to be done…sooner or later, no amount of political correctness will be able to contain the portion of the population that is not currently enjoying the ‘favoured’ status.

It is already beginning to happen…


Government Explained 2: The Special Piece of Paper

Sometimes, it is good to think about our governance structures as if we were explaining them to an alien:  it goes a long way towards exposing our blind spots.

I am still convinced that coercive taxation ought not play part in any modern government….