Salim Mansur on immigration

Before today, I have never posted a video which I have not watched before posting.  That is about to change…


For the last few days, I have been laid up with a serious migraine and have not been – to put it delicately – ‘functional’.

Yet, I have met Mr. Salim Mansur and liked him very, very much.

I have read his latest book  and while I didn’t agree with everything in it, I didn’t particularly disagree with it, either.  (I thought his error was one of omission of external pressures, while he was analysing the internal pressures Canada experienced from the cultural marxists under the guise of ‘multiculturalism’…in other words, while I agreed with him in principle, I thought he didn’t take the argument far enough.)

Actually, the very lively and vigorous discussion we got into after his Ottawa book launch could read like the beginning of a joke:  a Muslim, a Jew and an atheist walk into a bar…

So, when I saw that a speech Salim Mansur has given had been published on YouTube, I thought it important enough to bring to you, my readers, as soon as I was sentient enough to type (even if I have not had the mental capacity to view it – till the meds wear off, anyway…)  And, I do plan to watch this as soon as my brain will be capable of comprehending it.

In other words, I don’t know the context of the speech or what is in it, but, based on the fact that it is Salim Mansur speaking, I trust it will be very interesting indeed!

Thus, without much further ado, here are the videos of the speech, as they appeared on YouTube:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Salim Mansur: ‘Delectable lie’

In September 2011, Dr. Salim Mansur came to Ottawa to launch his book ‘Delectable Lie a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism’.

I went to hear him speak, and ever since, I have been waiting for the video of the event to be posted on YouTube because Dr. Mansur expresses what is wrong with multiculturalism so eloquently and he delivers his words so passionately that I could not wait to post the video and share it with everyone!

There is a lot I would like to say – but Dr. Mansur does it better!


Salim Mansur: Unveiling the truth behind Sharia

If you read this blog every now and then, you probably know I am not exactly a lover of ‘Sharia’.

Quite to the contrary:  I regard Sharia as an abomination designed to de-empower (if you excuse the expression) women and other segments of society.

Salim Mansur’s colum in the Toronto Sun is right on:

“But the Islamists have succeeded in making the argument that the faith in, and the practice of, Islam is confined by the Shariah, and anything outside of it is non-Islam.

This argument deliberately obscures the fact that the Shariah is a legal system devised under Arab supremacy during the last three centuries of the first millennium and it was based on a reading of the Qur’an that reflected the prejudices of that age in history.”

And – he is absolutely right!

Shariah did not exist at all until several hundred years after the life of Muhammad.

Muhammad – for better or worse – declared that he was the last of the prophets.  That what is said in the Koran IS the whole of Islam.  That no other human  being had the power to ‘interpret’ Islam for others…

Yet, that is exactly what Shariah is:  other men’s interpretation, superimposing their opinions over the Koran!

This is exactly the very thing Muhammad forbade!  If one is to follow the rules prophet Muhammad laid down, really really follow them, they have no choice but to reject Sharia because it is against everything Islam stands for!

OK – I am not as good at expressing it as Salim Mansur is. So, read his column!

H/T: Blazing Catfur