Generation Identitaire occupies the roof of a French Mosque

Last week, I had posted a video in which a French group calling itself Generation Identitaire introduced itself.

Today, they occupied the roof of a mosque (which has ‘fiery’ imams who frequently preach hate and violence) in France…

This is going to get interesting…

BCF has more.

7 Responses to “Generation Identitaire occupies the roof of a French Mosque”

  1. sammy Says:

    No doubt you are posting this because you are opposed to the activsts’ campaign against the Mosque’s freedom of speech.

    Bwahahahahahaha….. just kidding. Don’t worry… I dont actually believe that you adn BCF believe in freedom of speech for Muslims.

    • Derek Says:


    • CodeSlinger Says:

      Take your inept attempts at stealth-jihad somewhere else, troll.

      No one here is falling for it.

      And neither are the French anymore, obviously.

      You came to our countries on false pretences, took us for easy marks, and bit the hand that fed you.

      And now we are fed up. All of us.

      So get lost, troll.

      You and your left-tard bum-buddies have outlived your welcome — everywhere in the free world.

  2. sammy Says:

    “Stealth-jihad”…… hahahahah…. you are fucking retard, buddy.

    Its hilarous how anti-Muslim bigots think that anyone who doesn’t enthusiastically join thier campaign of hate is a jihadists. Sorry to collapse the entire premise of your world view fucknut, but I’m a white, male athiest. Every branch of my family has been in this country for at least four generations.

    You are bigot friends are losing your battle to strip Muslims of their basic rights and are now resorting to violence to get it done. You are no different from the jihadist you claim to oppose. Oh, and eat shit you disgusting bigot.

    • CodeSlinger Says:

      My mistake — you’re worse than a troll.

      You’re a nothing but a kafir. (look it up)

      You obviously don’t know squat about Sharia.

      An atheist supporting Muslims is like a black guy supporting the Klan.

      Dhimmitude is reserved for people of the book: Christians and Jews.

      Kuffar get stoned to death.

      Coming to your town square.

      As soon as the Muslim population is high enough.

      Xanthippa says:

      A textbook-definition ‘useful idiot’…

    • Derek Says:

      We don’t need to strip muslims of any rights. They already did that to themselves.

      Aren’t you curious at all, I mean at all, why the rest of the world is developing and industrializing while the middle east is still a giant sanguinary war-torn sand dune?

  3. Derek Says:

    I’m curious. Why even give trolls a pedestal to speak on? Why not delete their comments?

    Xanthippa says:

    Because it is essential that we demonstrate that this attitude exists – and that it exists among educated Western liberals (and, as in this case, among atheists) who really ought to know better.

    I suspect that future historians will find it unbelievable – not just for the level of suicidal ignorance among the population, but for the level of venom and intolerance dished out by people who truly believe themselves to be the pinnacle of tolerance!

    However distasteful these people are, documenting their existence is important.

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